Pro Soccer Player Hope Solo Gives Birth To Twins

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Hope Solo, the former goalkeeper of the US Women's National Soccer Team made an exciting announcement in early March 2020- she gave birth to twins! Solo and her husband Jerramy Stevens welcomed twins Vittorio Genghis Stevens and Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens. The baby boy and girl were born healthy, with Solo recovering well after a brief stay in the NICU. The announcement was particularly exciting for the new family because Solo had previously struggled with fertility.

Like many women, Solo suffered a miscarriage in 2018. At the time, she was also pregnant with twins, making the tragedy even more heartbreaking. The pregnancy complications were not only dangerous for the unborn twins, but for Solo. "The doctor said I was hours from dying," she told Elle magazine in 2019. The emergency procedure led to Solo's Fallopian tube being removed.

However, now in 2020, Solo and Stevens have much to be thankful for, as they shared on Instagram the first photo of their newborn baby boy and baby girl. Throughout her pregnancies, miscarriage, and birth, Solo has shared the journey with her fans. Her brave share may also help offer support to other families who've experienced the same experience. For Hope Solo, and many other aspiring moms, there is hope!