The Most Tragic (And Hilarious) Haircuts We’ve Ever Seen

We’ve all had a less than ideal haircut at some point in our lives. Whether you were that person who thought that bangs would be a good idea when bangs were really not a good idea, or if your mom gave you a signature ’90s bowl cut, hair can’t be all good all of the time. That being said, some of us have had worse hair cuts than others.

You might have had a bad hair day, but these people have had bad hair years. Keep reading to see some of the most tragic hair cuts and hair styles on the internet.

Is That A Mullet?

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Speaking of bad haircuts made worse, if you thought a mullet couldn’t get any worse, you’d be incorrect. We guess this haircut is a mullet of sorts. it does have that business in the front party in the back vibe. However, the business in the front isn’t even attached to the party in the back. There’s a separation between church and state going on here.

Do you think this poor guy asked for this particular haircut?