Hilarious Workers Who Couldn’t Care Less About Their Jobs

Occasionally, workers make honest mistakes. An oversight might create extra expenses for the company or more work for the employees. But that’s not what we’re here to show you. These workers did not show up to do their best work. It’s entirely believable that some of these individuals actually went out of their way to screw up the job. Some of the mistakes captured here are relatively harmless, like a misspelled sign, while others are enough to drive people insane.

This Isn’t Hard To Figure Out

Photo Credit: Lost In Internet
Photo Credit: Lost In Internet

While we’re sure that it’s not an easy job to get the huge advertisement installed on the side of a structure, the order of the two panels is common sense. It’s not like there were a dozen panels here for the workers to figure out the layout, there’s just two: the model’s torso, and the model’s lower half.

Even a two-year-old could tell you that there’s something screwy with this ad. Apparently the job is done and the workers have left, so we assume it remained this way and was money down the drain for the advertiser!