Find Out Who Is Dating (And Who Married) Some Of The Greatest NBA Players Of All Time

Becoming an NBA athlete comes with a certain amount of fame and fortune, and it usually follows that beautiful women follow fame and fortune. Still, NBA players live busy lives. It takes a special lady to put up with a hectic NBA schedule. Not only do NBA players have to play 82 games during the season and try to remain healthy for that stretch of six-to-eight months, but they also have to continue to better themselves during the off-season.

Keep reading to meet some of the NBA wives and girlfriends who support their men through it all.

Kyrie Irving and Golden

kyrie irv and fiance

Kyrie Irving cemented himself as a superstar basketball player and he’s never looked back. This point guard definitely had a memorable 2019 off-season. Kyrie is dating a woman named Golden who often makes appearances on his Instagram page. It has been reported that Kyrie and Golden are now engaged.

Reports claim that the two have been together since December of 2018. They haven’t officially confirmed the engagement, but Golden has been spotted walking around town with a massive diamond ring on her finger.