What Famous Figures In History Really Looked Like

We think we know what certain historical figures look like. Their faces show up on monuments, on our currency, on television, and in cartoons. The truth about what these people actually looked like might surprise you, though. Our ideas of what people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, King Tut, and Nero look like are mostly based on artists’ renditions.

Thanks to modern technology, we’ve been able to find out what these people actually looked like. Keep reading to have your mind blown.

Roman Emperor Julius Caesar

julius caesar real face revealed
Bettmann/Getty Images
Bettmann/Getty Images

The story of Julius Caesar has been documented in history books, poetry, and even a Shakespeare play. This man was a Roman war general who was able to defeat Pompey and expand the Roman empire. Caesar was the first Roman general to cross the English Channel and invade Britain.

You may have seen sculptures of Caesar’s head like the one pictured above. In these sculptures, Caesar appears as a chiseled and virile specimen. He kind of looks like a Hollywood actor from the 1940s (if that actor were made out of stone).