These Warning Signs Are Just Making Us Worry More

Warning signs are supposed to keep people from doing dangerous or illegal things, but the warning signs on this list are just a little bit off. There might be something wrong with them or the might just look a little strange.

Clearly, not all signs are created equal. Some of these signs contain strange wording, weird drawings, or maybe they’re just placed in an odd location. Keep reading to see the best and the worst funny warning signs in America.

This Doesn’t Make Us Feel Any Better

Photo Credit: ddh85/reddit
Photo Credit: ddh85/reddit

Look, if you need a sign outside a house that says “not haunted,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that house is probably haunted. “Not haunted” sounds exactly like something a ghost would say. We’re not falling for it this time.

We’re sure this house is probably a great price, and the lot looks lovely, but unless you want to wake up next to a whole family of spooks, we suggest you look elsewhere.