Iconic Vacation Destinations That Are Gone Forever

Times change, they say, and it’s true. As the years go by, places that once existed have disappeared. War, climate change, and over-population have caused iconic destinations that our grandparents once visited to disappear.

At one time, these places held special meaning. Now, they’re gone forever. You’ll have to ask your grandparents to show you their photo albums of these once highly sought-after vacation destinations because you’ll never get a chance to see them in this lifetime.

Disney’s Discovery Island Is Abandoned


Disney’s Discovery Island theme park opened in 1974, where families could visit and see a variety of species of birds and animals. Disney originally named the park Treasure Island but changed it.

For over 25 years, it was a popular attraction in Bay Lake, where the rest of Disney World is also located. But in 1999, Disney made the decision to transfer the animals over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and shut down the park. It now sits abandoned and has suffered damage from hurricanes and natural decay.