These Kids Pushed Their Parents To Their Limits In The Most Hilarious Ways

In every family dynamic, parents are meant to be responsible, calm, clear-headed, and rational beings — and every person who tells you that line is lying to you. Yes, parents try their best to be doting, guiding examples of how to resolve conflicts, but sometimes their children leave them no other option except for getting even with them.

Whether by leaving them passive-aggressive notes or by playing an elaborate prank on them, these parents showed their kids a thing or two about being responsible, and funny, in a way that was likely cathartic to them on so many levels. Or, in some cases, like one dad and his dinner plate, they just wanted to have a laugh at their kids’ expense!

A Meme-Worthy Laundry Reminder

The internet loves memes, but this mom hated picking up socks. Ths sign was a not-so-subtle way for her to remind her kids to pick up their laundry in their rooms. It’s not her job, after all, to pick up those stinky things!

Using a meme that came from a scene from the television series Xena: Warrior Princess, this mom wrote in the captions, in all capital letters, “I’M NOT YOUR SLAVE!” In smaller lettering below that, she added, “Pick up your dirty socks and put them in the hamper!” Even though she was clearly upset, this mom let her kids know they were still loved. She signed, “Love, Mom xo.”