The Top 40 High Schools In America

When it comes to high schools, they’re unfortunately not all created equal. Some schools have better funding, which leads to better equipment, happier teachers, better facilities, and a higher quality of learning.

Going to a school with a good reputation can give kids a leg up when it comes time for them to apply to colleges and universities. Keep reading to learn which schools have built excellent reputations for themselves. These schools truly are the cream of the crop.

Basis Scottsdale Has A 95% Graduation Rate

Basis Scottsdale
Facebook/Basis Scottsdale
Facebook/Basis Scottsdale

Charter schools are independent schools that are publically funded. BASIS Scottsdale is a charter school that admits students from the fourth grade to the twelfth grade. Starting in tenth grade, BASIS Scottsdale offers AP classes for students who are gifted in certain subject areas.

BASIS also offers a program called BASIS Capstone in which students can take university-level classes while they’re still in high school. BASIS has a graduation rate of 95 percent and 95 percent of their students are enrolled in AP classes.