This Woman Thought She Won $8 Million … But Did She Really?

Veronica Castillo went to the casino to have some fun. Eventually, she went from winning to losing within minutes. She hit the jackpot for a whopping $8.5 million, only to find out that she actually didn’t win. Why? Because the casino refused to pay.

This one-of-a-kind story takes her from slot machines to raising awareness behind the reality of using the machines.

Taking A Risk On The Slot Machine

Veronica Castillo/Facebook
Veronica Castillo/Facebook

Portland native Veronica Castillo hoped that one day, she might be lucky enough to experience a life-changing win. She’s not much of a gambler, but considering what she saw on TV and in the news, she wanted to try her luck. That’s when she decided to stop off at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington State.

As soon as she got to the casino, her attention was drawn to the slot machines.