These Genius Ideas Haven’t Made Their Way To America Yet And We Need Them ASAP

Many of the greatest inventions in human history have come out of the United States of America, but the U.S. of A isn’t the only country that has a few good ideas up its sleeve. When it comes to barbecue, there are few countries in the world who can beat us (sorry Australia), but when it comes to public washrooms, chocolate, and childcare, America is way behind.

America may be the land of the free (soft drink refills), but it still has a thing or two to gain. Keep reading to see some of the inventions, items, and practices that America needs to adopt ASAP.

Japan Has Toilets That Cover Your…Noises (If You Know What We Mean)

Have you ever been using the washroom in public and thought to yourself, you know what would make this experience better? Some noises to mask the sound of my bowel movements. Apparently people in Japan have thought that very thought because they’ve installed soundboards in their public washrooms that make flushing noises.

That button with a music note on it will give you about 30 seconds of sound to mask whatever other noises are coming out of your stall.