Things That You Never Knew Had A Strange And Secret Purpose

Have you ever wondered what that weird drawer was for under your oven or what the little black diamonds mean on your measuring tape? The world is full of little design features that exist to make our lives a little bit easier— if only we knew about them. Some of these design features are so well designed that they blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

We’re here to help you uncover the greatest built-in product features that have always been sitting right under your nose.

What The Black Diamond On Your Measuring Tape Means


It might be something you’ve never given much thought to before, but those little black diamonds (sometimes triangles) on a tape measure are there for more than decoration. They’re known as “black truss” markings. They begin at 19.2 inches and go all the way to 96 inches (eight feet).

Their purpose? For every eight-foot section of wall, there should be five floor trusses placed 19 inches apart. The black markings show where the studs should be. The first mark indicates where the center of the first stud in a wall is located. Knowing where the studs are can be very useful when hanging items on the wall!