Things That Definitely, 100% Wouldn’t Happen To Me, Ever

Some of us just haven’t fully adapted to this whole “life” thing we are forced to maneuver our way through seamlessly. While many of our friends seem to have their lives together in a way that’s depressing to observe, my favorite peers are the ones who trip over the curb twice in one day with a full coffee cup.

These are the people who are just surviving day in and day out to get from point A to point B without taking a trip to emerge. These are the people who did a school project on “Youth In Asia” when their topic was actually supposed to be “Euthanasia”. In other words, these are the entertaining people and they’re all on this list.

Uh, Dad, That’s Not How It Works


This is what happens when the “cool dad” goes way too far in his attempt at being a kid. If you’re wondering how this even happens, you’re certainly not alone. How is this physically possible for him to even get to this point? My guess is the fire department had the weirdest call of the day to this park.