Say Goodbye: These Things Are Disappearing Because Millennials Won’t Shell Out The Money

Millennials have completely changed the economy in this country. Now that they’re the generation that is making money, having families, and making their own financial decisions, they get to decide what’s relevant and what isn’t. Unfortunately, that means millennials decide what stays and what goes—whether we like it or not.

There are some goods and services that Millennials think we’re better off without. If millennials aren’t buying things like cereal, irons, and American cheese are going to be on their way out. Keep reading to find out which traditional things and practices are endangered because of millennial habits.

They Don’t Go On Cruises (And They Probably Won’t Start)

the new Carnival Glory arrives July 11, 2003 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines/Getty Images
Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines/Getty Images

The critical word to remember in this slide is authentic. Millennials aren’t too wild about the cruising industry. They didn’t get a chance to grow up watching The Love Boat, so they have no inspiration to travel the ocean on a huge luxury boat.

Caribbean News Service reports that younger people prefer more “authentic” experiences. We don’t think it gets any more real than sleeping out at sea with some close friends on your way to a tropical destination. And with the latest drop in the cruise industry, it’s just another reason for millennials to avoid cruises.