These Pregnant Animals Are Bursting With Cuteness

People often say that pregnant women give off a visible glow. But is the same true for pregnant animals? Every living thing on this planet reproduces in some way, but pregnancy is an experience that’s exclusive to mammals with only a few notable exceptions. Birds, reptiles, insects, and fish lay eggs. Some animals reproduce by division. Mammals give birth to live young, which means that pregnancy is a very difficult (and overweight) journey.

Keep reading to find out what members of the animal kingdom look like when they’re pregnant with child… or cub… or foal… or pup…

This Guinea Pig Has Been Pregnant For Two Months


Female guinea pigs reach sexual maturity when they’re just two weeks old. Their gestation period lasts for just about two months. usually, guinea pigs five birth to about three pups a time, but their pups are pretty large compared to the young of other rodents. That’s why this guinea pig looks so…large.

Because they’re only pregnant for two months, guinea pigs can have as many of five litters of pups per year. Guinea pig pups are also born a bit farther along developmentally than most rodents, although they are blind when they’re born.