These Photos Confirm Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Long ago, we learned that men were hunters and women were gatherers. Then, it turned into men becoming the breadwinners while many women were stay-at-home moms. That’s not how it works these days. Both men and women have similarly stressful lives, yet women continue to outlive men. How exactly does that happen?

Sure, it could be our immune systems, diets, general genetics, and other environmental factors that we have yet to fully understand. We’ve taken a much less scientific approach with some crazy pictures that show exactly why women live longer than men. It’s amazing how construction workers can make anything work!

He Has A Job To Do


I don’t know about you, but this photo gives me anxiety just by looking at how high up the guy on the balcony is. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first floor or the 33rd floor, buddy has a job to do. Sure, we can applaud the guy for his brave heroics, but even a million dollars wouldn’t get most people to try this incredibly dangerous cleaning tactic.

Let’s get real. The only reason why he is out there is that he’s got his parents coming to visit from out of town. But he’s probably getting some peace and quiet before they visit, right?

There’s No Pivot


Sorry, Ross, there’s no pivot for you to get aggravated about. Heck, even the removal of the t-shirt adds 50% more durability points to this daunting task. It may have been difficult for these boys to move this couch down the stairs, but who are we kidding, this was their idea to do it as quickly as possible. The way I see it, they likely talked about it over some beers and now they’re fringe internet heroes for risking their lives to get the job done. Just wait until you see another brave furniture mover who tried their hand at redecorating.

Preparing For Duty


This seems like a group of mature, young gentlemen who are thinking outside of the box just so they can get the job done. This would probably be an easier task with a skirt but then we’d have a soldier running around with a breeze. I cringe to think of what happened in this scenario. Getting dressed in the morning is necessary but a waste of time in our opinion. This does seem like a painful way to get teh job done. This is something straight out of a cartoon, and I think we all know how that ends. Also, he’s a wearing a helmet, which is important because it’s safety first, right kids?

Don’t Ask What This Is


This looks like something Johnny Knoxville or Bam Margera would ride around on in a sketch during a Jackass reunion. We know a motorcycle’s engine gets hot very quickly and people get burned all the time because they place their legs in the wrong position. With this hacked together “dirtbike” we can see other, ummm, more sensitive parts of the male anatomy accidentally rubbing against the incredibly hot engine. On the other hands, without all of that pesky extra weight surrounding the engine, you are probably going to get better gas mileage, right up until the time that you wipe out and the entire thing goes up in a blaze of glory.

Taking Out The Couch, Without The Use Of Stairs


We understand that a lot of people are freaked out about moving their furniture into an apartment thanks to Ross Geller and his infamous couch buying experience on an episode of Friends. With that being said, if you are going to avoiding the “stuck couch pivot” in your walk-up, you might want to consider hiring professional movers. This might have seemed like a good move on paper but now this guy standing on top of a car is going to bear the weight of the couch is beyond our understanding.

A Sketchy Way To Paint


Thanks to physics, the right side of the canter lever is locked on the top side with a tube. Even so, it’s a shady and unstable arrangement. Look at the chair underneath the painter! It’s just planking there and it doesn’t look very trustworthy. Not wearing any fall protection despite working a few feet away from the end of teh balcony is another safety hazard. We’ll just assume that if he falls, he will aim for the bushes. Statistically speaking, most women don’t take a dangerous job like this. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say if a female was doing this job, they would think about safety first and wear a harness.

Water And Electricity Don’t Mix

Twitter / @Buzznicked

Okay, I don’t think Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne would be idiotic enough to try this experiment. Sure, having a snack when we’re in the pool sounds like a great idea, even if you’re literally supposed to wait 30 minutes before swimming after eating but this is taking things too far. I’m just going to be blunt here and say that YOU SHOULD NOT TRY THIS AT HOME and be sure to have 911 immediately dialed into your phone. What’s that? You’re phone’s dead? Well… there’s a charger right there! In general don’t try this in the sink, bathtub, or anywhere else where you are directly involved in water usage.

Caught In The Coil

Twitter / @Hadtwohurt

The moment I saw this photo, I immediately thought of the episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia when Frank Reynolds randomly disappears to a playground and gets himself caught in a coil like this poor soul. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really need to check it out.

There are so many questions about how exactly this guy got into the coil in the first place. How exactly is he going to get out? This is why playgrounds require adult supervision — even for adults! We have another piece of playground equipment coming up that will definitely make your knees weak just looking at it!

Girl Logic


How does this guy not stop and say “You know what, you lost this argument and now you’re trying to create a new one for no reason.” Guys are incapable of parsing this type of irrational argument in real-time, leading to a lot of confusion and stress that we don’t even understand until it’s too late.

If you’re dating someone who does exactly this on a consistent basis, do yourself a favor and get out before things escalate and you grow old way too quickly. Some battles deserve to be fought but it’s important to know when to walk away and move on with your life.

Using Your Car As A Support Ladder

Have we not learned anything yet? I guess not, but it doesn’t look quite as dangerous as trying to clean your high-rise apartment balcony. This guy used his SUV’s roof rack to secure his ladder, which passes almost every safety regulation in the book, apparently.

This would probably be a little bit safer if he wasn’t using a folding ladder with a joint that could fall in on itself if not locked properly. Luckily, that car and wall are not going anywhere anytime soon. At least, I hope not… Plus he could just bounce off the canopy below his later, helping soften a painful blow.

Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, Welcome To Jackass


Is it really worth putting a trampoline on the roof to test how brave these individuals think they are? It’s not like anyone is going to get badly injured, or worse, maybe killed.

Again, Johnny Knoxville and his group would probably give this a shot since they do some of the craziest stunts we’ve ever seen. It’s all fun and games until someone does a backflip and realizes at the last second that they could perform a few more flips before they splatter all over the sidewalk. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s another DI-Why moment coming up that had me sweating.

Just Helping Out A Friend


Sure, it’s not the only photo we’ve seen that looks dangerous in this article, but mixing in some power lines definitely, makes things more electric. I guess you have to make do if you don’t have the proper tools to get the job done.

Did you notice the lady on the tractor? She’s the anchor of the team who’s keeping everything in order. I aspire to reach that level of relaxation one day. Clearly, the guys doing the heavy lifting have this figured out. What could possibly go wrong?

Heads Up


Do you even Texas, bro? If you didn’t know this guy had a history of making bad decisions, the bumper sticker really says it all. I’m not a mechanic, but there really should be a floor jack under where he’s working, or at least a few jack stands on the frame ahead of the springs.

Can you imagine if he got his head stuck underneath the truck? Better yet, he should be stuck for having such a lame bumper sticker. I really shouldn’t be so hard on the guy. I don’t think I’d know what to do if I got a flat tire.

Hold On, I Think I Got The AC Working!

Please don’t do this at home. The apartment complex looks sketchy and what’s more daring is the ladder these boys are using to install that brand new air conditioner. They are clearly not adhering to the OSHA standards for working at heights but it’s three men who are using the resources available to them. It’s almost genius… almost.

It’s the humidity that kills, so props to these guys for putting the counterweight in the right spot. Who knew climate control would make you live a longer life? Hope you’re enjoying that brand new air conditioner. When you don’t have the tools for the job, you’ve got to improvise, as you’ll soon see!

Moving Into Your College House


Man, I loved college. Outside of the partying, the 8 am classes were a real drag, but it was basically that time where I was living the dream. It’s exciting to think about those days, especially when you had a house with a few friends.

This goes to show that you really don’t need a ladder to put up the American Flag, as long as one of your buddies is there to support you and make sure you don’t fall. Too bad the guy holding up his buddy is going to smell like feet for the rest of the day. The things we go through to show our patriotism.

For The Wannabe Mechanics

This guys obituary isn’t going to be pretty. Using more than one 2×4 was a smart move on this guys part, even if the entire idea is incredibly dangerous. What we really want to know is how he got the truck up on its side like that? So many questions. So little time. This is either the world’s lightest truck or the world’s strongest man. It’s not the smartest way to get the job done but we couldn’t find a newspaper article about some poor guy getting crushed by a green truck so we’ll assume he pulled off this crazy stunt without any serious injury to himself or anyone else.

I Got Your Back, Bro

Twitter / @ScouseBirdsRule

Wow, this isn’t something my wood shop teacher taught us in high school. How are these two even qualified to work on a construction project? The worst case scenario here is pretty obvious, but it’s hard to even see how this could work out in the first place. Perhaps these guys have the perfect sized blade in the saw but even then, one slip and your buddy becomes two buddies, well at least until they die are get rushed to the hospital. Some people should not have access to power tools and buy some guys we mean these two people specifically.

Pulling Your Friend With A Rope Isn’t So Dangerous


Using your GoPro to pull your friend with a rope on a skateboard is cool and all, but it’s obviously extremely dangerous. First of all, where is his helmet? He’s just asking to severely injure himself during a fall.

I can just imagine this becoming a viral hit on YouTube with the title “Guy Rides Skateboard While Holding A Rope And Gets Hurt.” This just proves once again that women live longer than men because they often think before they act. Sure there are daring women but we tend to see them wearing proper safety gear because they apparently value life more than their male counterparts.

Who Needs Eye Production?

Reddit / exitstrateG

Whatever you need to make it work, right? If the goal is to protect your eyes, and your eyes are protected, it did the job, at least on the surface. Sure actual protective eyewear is usually rated for safety and can sustain a big blow and remains firmly on our face to prevent rogue dust, sparks, and other items from entering but… whatevs. At least this guy didn’t just do the usual “turn your head and hope for the best.” It’s amazing how far we’ve come in worker safety. If it works, it’s not stupid. Wait, if it’s stupid it might work but in the end, we should really consider doing things the right way. Ya, that’s what we meant.

This Cop’s Chair Is Not Ergonomic And It’s A Gun

Twitter / @Hadtwohurt

What could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Clearly, this cop is the butt of the joke. I can picture Red Foreman being pumped that he doesn’t even have to shove his foot up this guy’s behind to remind them this is a bad idea. Police, out of all professions, should be the first people to practice and teach gun safety and this officer is failing miserably. Also, how can this possibly be a comfortable way to sit down on the job? Here’s to hoping this guy always remembers to turn on the safety when he’s just sitting around… or rather… on his deadly weapon.