These People Have Genetic Birth Defects That Will Have Your Jaw Dropping

Parents have a habit of telling their kids that they’re special and unique. While that might be true, we can guarantee that you’re not as special or unique as the people in this article who have bizarre one-of-a-kind birth defects.

While these people might stand out from the crowd, maybe they’re just real-life superheroes that we haven’t even heard of yet. It seems every superhero that we watch on the big screen is born out of adversity with unique traits.

Four Fingers, No Thumb

hand finger
Reddit / evan4765
Reddit / evan4765

Symbrachydactyly is a condition where babies are born with an underdeveloped hand which causes them to have small or missing fingers. Hand malformation is often treated with orthotics, prosthetics, physical therapy or even surgery.

Out of all babies born, 10% of them have some sort of malformation with their hands. Most of them aren’t as drastic as this, but hand malformations are not all that uncommon which might come as a surprise.