These Dads Are Making Up Their Own Parenting Rules

When mom’s away, the dads will play. Dads are usually known for being the goofy and easygoing one. There are all kinds of dads in the world, but we have a special place in our hearts for the dads who are just out there doing their best. These dads have failed in a major way, but they know that parenting is all about living and learning.

Keep reading to see some of the silliest dad-fails on the internet. These men have really gotten themselves into some sticky situations but we still love them for it!

The Resemblance Is Uncanny

If it looks like a kiwi, it just might be a kiwi. That’s what this dad thought, at least. Come on, you have to agree that this kid’s head does loo very fuzzy and delicious. With that kiwi sticker on there, you can hardly tell that she isn’t a fruit.

Imagine receiving a photo like this in a text from your significant other. This dad fail is pretty tame. It’s more of a dad joke than a dad fail.

Bathtime With Dad Gets Pretty Hairy

A goofy dad can’t resist using bubbles to create little “hairstyles” for their kids during bathtime. Whether it’s a stylish afro, a mohawk, or a full beard, this kid has got some swagger.

This baby’s mom, Melissa Nas, posted this photo on Imgur and it was viewed millions of times. It looks like people all over the world are completely overwhelmed by how cute this kid is— especially with those bubble extensions. You rock those bubbles, kid.

A Baby Biker

We already know what happens when you leave babies alone with their dads for too long. Exhibit A: this biker baby. Now, we’re pretty sure that this baby didn’t grow that goatee all on his own. He very certainly didn’t give himself that temporary tattoo.


This looks like the handiwork of an easily amused father with too much time on his hands. You have to admit, this kid looks extra cute. That bandana is everything.

What Not To Wear: Dad Edition

it’s not Jeremy’s fault that he didn’t know his kid was supposed to wear a shirt under her overalls. This dad has probably never worn a pair of overalls in his life. We think Olivia still looks super cute even though she doesn’t have a shirt on.

This photo went viral on the internet, and it even caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres. She showed the photo and the screenshot of this text conversation on her daytime talk show, thereby exposing Jeremy’s major fail to the entire country.

This Is What Multitasking Looks Like

This dad wanted to have some quality time with his kid, but he also wanted to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold beer. He engineered this string contraption to help him to both things at the same time.

All in all, we think this is a pretty good solution. The kid seems happy, the dad seems happy, and nobody’s being pulled on a mattress behind a four-wheeler, so compared to what we’ve seen before, this looks pretty safe.

DIY Rides Are This Dad’s Specialty

Amusement parks can be expensive, so this dad found a way to make his own fun in his own front yard. This may not be the safest ride in the world, but at least the kids look like they’re having fun.

We’re not sure where the mother of these children is, but then again, she could be the person behind the camera taking the picture. Either way, this photo has gone viral, so she definitely knows that her kids were riding on a mattress tied to the back of a four-wheeler.

This Is Why Dads Always Say “Hold On Tight”

This rope swing and foam pit look like a super fun combo— for kids. When dad gets involved, things can get a bit riskier. At least they’re in a padded room, so nothing disastrous can happen. Yeah, the girl took a tumble, but she took a tumble into a foam pit, so everything is a-okay.

Dads are always there to teach us valuable lessons in life— like never trust dad when he tells you to hop on his back while he hops on a rope swing.

Is It A Baby Or A Plate?

It’s hard to find time for yourself when you’re caring for a newborn around the clock. New parents hardly have any time to sleep, let alone eat a piece of cake. That’s why this dad took advantage of a quiet moment while his son was asleep.


It’s a good thing that baby’s back is so flat. You wouldn’t want that plate of cake sliding off of him and straight onto the floor. This may not be a graceful move, but it is a necessary one.

Don’t Let That Ketchup Go To Waste

Dads hate to waste food, which means that if some ketchup accidentally ends up on a kid’s face, you bet dad is going to lick it off. Ketchup is an essential condiment. We must protect it at all costs. This dad probably also could have protected his baby’s head from getting covered in ketchup, but some disasters just can’t be averted.

One day this baby is going to get bigger, and he’s not going to be okay with this kind of behavior…

The Downside Of Those Kid Bicycle Seats

Ok, so this is a fail of epic proportions. This dad had good intentions. He wanted to take his daughter on a nice, relaxing bike ride. Unfortunately for his daughter, he wasn’t aware of how close his rear end would be to her face while he was pedaling.

We think that this man should probably invest in a belt… and then he should wear that belt while he’s pedaling his bike with his daughter directly behind him.

It’s A Diaper Bag, Not A Baby Bag

So some people may refer to a diaper bag as a baby bag, but that doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to carry the baby around in the bag. Bags like these are meant for holding diapers, wipes, changing pads, and extra pacifiers. There are car seats and strollers that hold human children.

That baby looks a little bit cramped and uncomfortable, which makes sense, considering her dad stuffed her into a diaper bag. It does make a cute picture, though.

Super Mario And Super Dad

Becoming a dad doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite hobbies. This dad has figured out a way to still play his video games while feeding his baby son. It turns out, you can actually feed a baby a bottle and win Super Mario Party at the same time. You just have to get your chin in just the right position…


This baby looks happy to be with his dad, and pretty soon, he’ll be playing video games right beside him.

This Dad Invented A Kid Handle

I don’t know if this dad found a super innovative way to carry his kid around the grocery store, or if that kid got himself into this situation all on his own and now he needs some help getting out of it.

One thing is for sure — that plunger is going to leave a pretty noticeable red mark on that kid’s back, which means that mom is definitely going to find out about this. At least it’s a brand new clean plunger.

A Lasting Impression

This dad took his daughter through the toy aisle at Target and found this contraption. We’re pretty sure this little girl wasn’t expecting to have her face pressed against hundreds of plastic pins. The expression in the toy doesn’t look like a happy one.

dad fail funny

However savage this prank is, it does make for a pretty hilarious photo. At least this kid is going to grow up with a dad who has a sense of humor.

The Answer My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind

It may have been a hot day and the girl just wanted to cool down, or maybe she wanted to know what it would feel like to get hit in the face with an intense blast of air.

Still, it’s probably not a good idea to take a leaf blower to your daughter’s face, no matter how funny her sister finds the whole situation. Even if this is something she asked for, adults are supposed to know better.

A Face Like This Is Hard To Resist

This dad was left alone with his baby for ten minutes. That’s all of the time it took for him to compose this masterpiece of a photo. We already know that this dad is going to spend the rest of his life laughing with his little girl.


Look, if you don’t want your partner to turn your baby into a supervillain with little pieces of black construction paper, then you probably shouldn’t leave him alone with the baby for more than five minutes at a time.

What Happens When Dads Do Hair

This dad obviously couldn’t figure out what the heck to do with a hair tie, so he used a zip tie instead. Maybe he couldn’t find a hair tie in his house, but if you live in a house where zip ties are more readily available than hair ties, you may have other problems.

Look, this zip tie isn’t the most fashionable hair accessory in the world, but it gets the job done. At least this girl can play soccer without her hair getting in her face now.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Babies need to drink milk every few hours. Does that mean that dad gets to drink a beer during feeding time? I mean, if the baby is having a drink, dad should have one too, right? I think if you drank beer as often as babies drink milk, you’d have a big problem.

Once and a while, though, a glass of beer while you feed your baby isn’t soo bad. Just make sure you get yourself an extra-long straw, just like this dad did.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Dads like to tell their daughters that they can do anything they put their minds to, but I’m not sure that this little girl is going to be able to move that very full shopping cart even if she puts her mind, heart, soul, and back into it. Some mountains just can’t be moved. At least, not by toddlers.

The attempt makes for an excellent photo opportunity, though. Good job, dad, you definitely scored some internet points.

A True Multipurpose Drawer

Drawers are good for storing all kinds of things— rolls of tape, scissors, postcards, cutlery, babies… Yeah, that’s right. Babies. Sometimes dads want to play computer games, and they need a convenient place to put their sleeping infant.

Yeah, he could put her in a crib, but the crib is so far away. Plus, this way it’s almost like he’s playing on two-player mode. At least, that’s what he’s going to tell his baby’s mother.

A Stroller Is Not A Shopping Cart

We get it, it can be hard to push a stroller and a shopping cart at the same time. That’s why most shopping carts have little seats in the front of them for kids to sit in. It’s to avoid situations like this. Dad, stop piling milk cartons and meat packages on top of your daughter.

One day she will be old enough to help you carry your groceries, but today is not that day.

When Dad Gets On Facebook

This is why you can never give your father your Facebook password— or any of your passwords for that matter. When dads are given the power that goes along with a social media password, they can’t control themselves. They just have to post something embarrassing.

This dad definitely knows how to troll his son. Poor Dan is probably still too out of it from surgery to do anything about this situation. Well, we hope the surgery went well…

The Winner Of The Cheerios Challenge

In 2016, the Cheerios Challenge went viral all over the internet. The goal of the challenge: to stack as many Cheerios as you could on your kid’s head while they were sleeping. A few moms participated in the Cheerios Challenge, but let’s face it, this phenomenon was made for dads.


As far as we’re concerned, this dad basically won the whole challenge. You probably couldn’t stack that many Cheerios on top of each other on a stationary table, let alone a sleeping child.

No Pants, No Problem

Well, the lawn isn’t going to cut itself. We can’t tell who is copying who in this photo. The little girl is copying her dad cutting the grass, but dad is definitely copying his daughter’s pantsless outfit.

Can you blame to guy, though? It’s probably a very hot day, he’s in his own backyard, and pants are overrated anyway. These two make an absolutely perfect pair. We definitely know who this little girl gets her legs from.

This Baby Can Feed Himself

This dad figured out a neat parenting hack. You just teach your baby to feed himself by balancing his bottle on his face, and then you have two hands free for gaming purposes. You can also use the top of the controller to help balance the bottle on the baby’s face. You make physics work for you— that’s the real trick.

We have a feeling that this baby is going to grow up to be an expert gamer.

This Baby Has Some Serious Road Rage

This baby is going to need to learn how to control his temper before he gets behind the wheel for real. That is one serious case of road rage. I’m sure that this dad isn’t actually driving with his baby on his lap, but if I was this baby’s mother, I would still be pretty concerned.

Dads just love taking silly photos of themselves with their kids. They can’t help themselves. I’m sure this isn’t the only fake driving picture this dad has ever taken with his kid.

Taking The Kid For A Drive

This doesn’t look like the safest way to play with a kiddie wagon. We’re pretty sure that you’re not supposed to hitch it to an actual motorized vehicle. Somebody needs to get that kid off of the road.

This is probably just a photo that was taken for jokes and some internet points, but we still feel like we should let everyone know not to try this at home. That kid does look like he’s enjoying his drink in his shaded wagon, though.

Please Don’t Barbecue Your Children

This dad posted a series of “bad dad” photos on his blog. This may be the most shocking photo of them all. The good news is that this is definitely photoshopped. There’s no way that this grill is actually lit and on fire.

This dad is just super creative when it comes to sharing photos of himself and his daughter on social media. He’s also super brave. He probably got a lot of backlash from other parents for this one.

Take Your Kids To A Barber

Dads out there, this is a public service announcement. Please do not try to DIY your kids’ haircuts unless you are a professional barber. Leave the haircutting to the professionals. This dad tried to cut his son’s hair and look what happened. Now this boy looks like Cletus from The Simpsons.

Do you want Cletus for a son? We didn’t think so. Put the scissors down. Step away from the clippers. It’s not going to end well.

A DIY Floatation Device

This dad and daughter duo only had one lifejacket between the two of them, so dad took matters into his own hands. He fashioned a floatation device for himself out of a bunch of empty soda bottles and some string.

At least he didn’t force his daughter to wear the bottle life jacket (although it’s more like alife belt). She would have looked pretty silly wearing that thing. Now just he looks silly, and she has to stand next to him while he looks like a full-grown man who’s relying on plastic bottles to save his life.

When Autocorrect Does You Dirty

This dad didn’t fail this hard all on his own. He had some help from a little program called autocorrect. Disney and divorce are two very different things. Some people might even call them opposites. Although, if your mom and dad are planning on going to Disney World without you, you might want to file for divorce from the two of them.

Come on, it’s the happiest place on earth! This kid definitely deserves to go now after this whole autocorrect debacle.

He Doesn’t Need A Better View

Does this father not understand that his kid is a baby who literally will not remember this entire zoo visit? He doesn’t need a closer look at something he is not going to remember in five minutes.

Also, there is a crocodile directly under this baby. Does that seem a little bit dangerous to anybody else? Maybe a lot dangerous… The danger level is definitely not worth the photo opportunity. Also, shouldn’t that glass wall be a little bit higher?

He’s Not Going Anywhere

Once a baby learns to crawl, it’s pretty much game over. When they’re immobile, you can just put them on a playmat and go about your business as long as you keep an eye on your kid, but once they learn to crawl, you have to constantly be on the move.


This dad figured out a way to keep his baby in one place. Let’s just hope this isn’t a super-strong baby who can pull that whole chair behind him.

A Human Swing Set

This is a dad who will go above and beyond to make sure his little girl is having a good time. When this little lady wanted to swing, her dad stood on some chairs, attached a swing to his shoulders, and told her to hop on.


Maybe next time, he’ll just take his daughter to the park. It seems like a safer and more convenient option. There are lots of swings at the park that aren’t made out of people.

This Baby Has Been Working Out

This dad got a little creative while he was spending time with his infant son. He didn’t want to wait years for his son to grow up to be big and strong, so he just drew on some abs and called it a day.


We guess he also couldn’t wait for his son to grow a beard, so he drew him one of those too. This dad posted this photo on Reddit with the caption, “My son was Joe Rogan for his first Halloween.”

This Baby Is A Sharp Dresser

Sometimes dads like to play dress-up with their babies. This dad decided to dress his infant son in a suit that is way too big for him. Now this baby looks like he has important business to attend to.


This is a baby on a mission. He’s late for a court date, or he’s attending the wedding of his college roommate. This kid is probably going to be a sharp dresser when he gets older.

That’s One Way To Take Your Kid For A Walk

This Dad was supposed to go on a walk with his daughter, but what ended up happening was that he took his daughter for a walk, much like one would take a dog on a walk. There are kid leashes that some parents use when they take their kids to busy places such as amusement parks or shopping malls, but this is an actual dog leash.


This photo looks like it’s supposed to be a joke, but we’re not sure if mom’s going to take it that way.

This Isn’t Exactly “Quality Time”

This father is supposed to be watching his child, but his kid isn’t even close to him, plus this dad is way too preoccupied with whatever is on his iPad. This baby seems to have a lot of toys, but what he really wants is to spend some quality time with his father.

We hope that dad was just posing this way for the photo and that he spent most of the day rolling around on the floor with his son.

A Banana Peel Is Not A Hat, Dad

This kid’s dad decided to have some fun and use a banana peel as a hat. Not a hat for himself, though. He used a banana peel as a hat for his baby son. This kid does not seem impressed at all. He’s probably thinking, C’mon Dad! I’m not a trash can. Enough of the funny business and let’s go home already!


The look this kid is giving his father is priceless, though. It might even be worth all the banana residue in his hair.

He Had A Rough Night

This kid fell asleep in his high chair and his dad saw that as an opportunity to have some fun. Dad decided to place a bottle of alcohol next to his kid, along with some empty shot glasses. Now it looks like this kid is sleeping off a long night of drinking and partying.


This kid is probably going to look back at this photo when he’s older and realize that his dad has always been a goofball.