These Dads Are Making Up Their Own Parenting Rules

When mom’s away, the dads will play. Dads are usually known for being the goofy and easygoing one. There are all kinds of dads in the world, but we have a special place in our hearts for the dads who are just out there doing their best. These dads have failed in a major way, but they know that parenting is all about living and learning.

Keep reading to see some of the silliest dad-fails on the internet. These men have really gotten themselves into some sticky situations but we still love them for it!

The Resemblance Is Uncanny

If it looks like a kiwi, it just might be a kiwi. That’s what this dad thought, at least. Come on, you have to agree that this kid’s head does loo very fuzzy and delicious. With that kiwi sticker on there, you can hardly tell that she isn’t a fruit.

Imagine receiving a photo like this in a text from your significant other. This dad fail is pretty tame. It’s more of a dad joke than a dad fail.