These Are The Best Sports Movies Based On True Stories

Sports can be incredibly cinematic. There’s something about a team being at the bottom of the ninth, the clock is running out and they’re losing, and then, at the last second, they find that extra bit of strength to power through. There are a lot of similarities between sports movies and war movies.

Sports movies are even more captivating when they’re based on true stories. All of the movies on this list are based on real events. Keep reading to discover which sports movie you should watch next.

The Fighter (2010)


The Fighter, a movie about boxing legend Micky Ward, earned itself an Oscar for best picture at the 2010 Academy Awards. Mark Wahlberg stars as Ward, a plucky fighter who goes on to compete at the World Light Welterweight Championship. Christian Bale play’s Mickey’s half brother and trainer.

The Fighter is one of the most decorated sports movies to ever play on the big screen. It has an all-star cast and some great action scenes.