College Football Coaches Who Were Major Losers

A football coach can make or break an entire team. There have been college football coaches in history who have taken teams from losing streaks to trophy rooms. Remember Jim Harbaugh? He made the Stanford Cardinals National Championship contenders after years . of them losing season after season. Coaches like Harbaugh deserve to be celebrated, but what about coaches who nearly wrecked entire teams? What about coaches like Walt Harris who nearly destroyed Standford’s good name?

To find out who else joins Harris on this list of the worst of the worst college football coaches, you’re going to have to read on.

Greg Robinson Didn’t Do Much For Syracuse

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Greg Robinson didn’t have a very positive influence on Syracuse University’s sports history. He coached the university’s football team for four years and only ever won five games. He only won one game in his first season coaching the team. It took a while for the school to realize what a dud he was, but they did end up firing him in 2008. That was two years after the NCAA came down hard on the school for violating several rules.

After leaving Syracuse, Robinson was hired by Michigan as the school’s defensive coordinator in 2009.