The Weirdest Things Found Inside The Human Stomach

To say that some people have a weird appetite would be understating the human race. From banana sandwiches to broccoli chocolate milkshakes to parsley and peanut butter, if there’s a will (and a recipe), there’s a way.

But, after you read this article, you’re going to have a new appreciation for the human stomach. The damage control the human body has to do when someone eats a live snake is incredible. Just wait until you see some of the bizarre things that doctors have found inside of the human stomach.

Cement / Enema Mix

David Degner/Getty Images
David Degner/Getty Images

Now, I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but this is bad. A couple decided that they would spice up their love life and pour enema fluid mixed with concrete mix into their rectum.

They poured it through a funnel, and well, the concrete hardened and almost ruptured some of their organs. The mass had to be surgically removed, but luckily, the couple ended up staying together through the entire procedure.