The Real Reason Behind All Of Those Weird Features In Old Homes

Thanks to new technology, the world is a very different place than it used to be. There are relics from the past that still exists in our homes that we no longer have a use for (especially if you live in an older home). Newer homes aren’t built with dumbwaiters and cold closets and kitchen desks, although maybe they should be.

Keep reading to see some of the unusual details that you can find in old buildings, but not new buildings. Read on to learn about these antique house features and whether you can repurpose them.

A Random Button In The Middle Of The Floor

Have you ever seen a random floor button in an old house before? These features were part of an electric servant calling system that became popular in the late nineteenth century. Servant buttons, sometimes called “butler buttons,” would signal to a servant working in the home that they were being summoned.

A button on the floor in a 1910 home.

Because architects couldn’t predict the table size the owner would use, placing the button on the floor guaranteed that the master could reach it.