This Tennessee Family Discovered Something Incredibly Shocking Living Inside Their Walls

As any new homeowner can attest to, owning a home has a variety of challenges that come with it. Discovering how all the fixtures work, finding all of the leaks in the home if they exist, and just basically figuring everything out for yourselves is a major challenged. Sometimes, however, something completely unexpected can be found by new homeowners — and it might not be a simple fix. It may, in fact, be a living thing!

Find out how this family in Tennessee dealt with a big problem when they discovered something had been dwelling deep within the walls of their home.

What It Looked Like At First

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer / Facebook
The Bartlett Bee Whisperer / Facebook

The family in the home pictured above started noticing noises emanating from within their walls one September day. They couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was they were hearing, however. It sounded like scratching, so they assumed it was something alive.

Wisely, they decided to call a professional pest control expert in to examine it more thoroughly. The family had concerns that an animal of some kind could be trapped inside their walls — and they wanted to help get it out, safely if at all possible.