Tattoos That Have A Bigger Meaning Than Most

A little ink with some meaning won’t hurt anybody.

Getting a tattoo is a kind of like getting a car. Both are big decisions and you have to know what you want before you make the purchase. Gone are days of prisoners and bikers getting artwork on their bodies. It’s people like teachers who have one and siblings who proudly show off their ink as a tribute to a family member.

There’s so much variety and creativity that goes into getting a tattoo, but some people wear their tattoos with pride because they mean just a little bit more.

A Unique Piece Of Ink

While we continue to make huge strides with modern medicine, we’ve only come so far. Hearing aids have continued to grow in power, and it looks like we’re closer than ever to finding a way to help out those who suffer from hearing loss.

That being said, this person wears their disability with pride and a little humor.

Calvin And Hobbes

Life doesn’t make sense when we’re young. We navigate through challenges and obstacles along the way.

Once you’ve gone through enough experiences just to say you’ve been through hell and back, this piece of ink will make sense. It pretty much sums up life in general.

Honoring Your Father

It was pretty amazing for this girl to honor her father the best way possible. Clearly, her father’s mustache was the most memorable thing.

What a way to honor your parent by making a tribute to his glasses and facial hair.

A Hidden Message

Take a few seconds to figure out what the tattoo says. Had enough already? Here’s what it means. The message says ‘God Is An Imaginary Friend Of Grown Ups’.

Despite the message, that’s one way to really throw off people who are trying to read what’s in the ink.

Dad’s Who Go Above And Beyond

This dad may have set the bar higher than any of us could possibly reach.

In order to help his child feel secure with their scar, this proud papa got a tattoo of the same scar.

No Matter How Hard Things Get

This is an important message we should all take to heart when things get tough. Losing a loved one is obviously heartbreaking. You might be locked in your room for days running over all the memories you shared.

But it’s important to remember that life does indeed go on, and things will get better.

The Universe

Now, that’s a simple and lovely tattoo. There is so much meaning behind this. It pretty much shows an astronaut offering the universe full of balloons to a young girl.


With that in mind, most kids are curious and open about what’s out there in our universe.

The Triforce

Most BFFs out there are destined to get ink that proves that they will be together no matter what life throws at them.

This symbolizes the meaning of friendship.

Quote Of Truth

This is supposed to be funny on purpose. If you have a good sense of humor like this guy does, your world is okay. I mean, he probably thought the idea of this tattoo was funny, to begin with.

He can laugh at it, and so can everyone else, so lighten up a bit!

Wine And Ink

If your girl is obsessed with wine, there’s a good chance you’ll be getting this epic couples tattoo.

That symbolizes love, teamwork, and a love for a tasty beverage after a long day of work. With so much purpose behind this, let’s see a couple do this with beer.

This Is Such An Amazing Tribute

This guy made sure to let his brother know that no matter what, he would always be by his side.

That tattoo symbolizes how people with Down Syndrome, like his brother Adam, have 1 extra chromosome, but otherwise are exactly the same.

The Solar System

Your science teacher would drool over this. Better yet, that would be amazing if this belonged to an actual science teacher.

That would be one cool way to show off how badass you are to your students. Oh, and to see who paid attention, do a pop quiz just to spite them.

Pizza Is Life

Yes, it is. Pizza lovers, this one is for you. Getting a slice of pizza on your arm while holding a pizza waiting for the subway is my dream girl.

I don’t care what you look like, as long as the pizza is there when we meet. Oh, if you’re into sports, that’s a bonus too.

Ink That Makes Sense

Well, from the looks of it, this does make sense.

That would be weird having half of a tattoo, but that would only make sense if you’re in a relationship. See, couples can be cute too.

Connect The Dots

Your friend might not like the idea, but the thought of playing connect the dots sounds awesome. Think about it, you get to use a marker (not a permanent one) then draw the dots on the ink.

Once you’re done, you’ll get one cute looking snail just hanging out on an ankle.

Faith, Hope, Love

Never lose faith. Never lose hope. Don’t throw love away. It’s as simple as that to get those three things figured out in your life.

Having this on your arm is a perfect way to look at life. Being grateful for what you have and what’s around you can go a long way to stay motivated.

Animate Yourself

When you have something like this, why not turn it into a positive. That’s exactly what this guy did for his first tattoo.

Since he has one leg, he embraced it by getting an animated version of himself from the Fallout series on his back leg, reminding others that anything is possible.

Dad’s Hand On His Shoulders

The passing of a loved one is obviously hard to go through. After his dad died, this guy decided to permanently have a reminder that his dad will always be by his side, even in death.

He had his father’s handprint put on his shoulder as a gesture to his best friend, who will always be there for him.

The 90s In One Tattoo

Bart Simpson and the ‘S’ we all drew in class really does sum up the nineties. A combination of both really makes this one weird work of art.

Outside of the weirdness, that should bring back a nostalgic feeling for any kid who grew up in one of the best decades ever.

UV Light On Ink

The only time this artwork is considered ‘lit’ is at glow in the dark bowling and raves. But unless you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, that doesn’t mean anything to them.

In fact, people who have UV tattoos are probably some the smartest people out there to do something so cool.

Trinity Tattoo

This is known as a Trinity Knot. It is said to symbolize the connectedness of the earth, sea and the sky.

The woman who got said, “I love where I put it, and it is modeled after the necklace my husband got me while we were dating.”

The Lotus Flower

In Buddhism, open lotus flowers stand for enlightenment. They are a powerful symbol overall in Asian religions.

They are full of purity and because of that, Hindu gods have been drawn in art sitting on a lotus or simply holding it in their hand.

For The Dove

This meaningful tattoo is usually preferred by women or couples. The pattern you see there represents peace and love. Getting this tattoo with the name of your loved one will show how much you care about them.

The dove also has a strong biblical meaning as well. It was the dove the brought Noah an olive leaf to show that the waters were starting to recede.

What Is Om?

Om is a sacred syllable for the Hindus that represents the whole universe. it actually has three different sounds (a-u-m) and it represents the earth, atmosphere and heaven.

This little design is full meaning and only those who really understand it would have it.

The Force Is With You

A symbol of force. A wave is one of the strongest forces on earth. It is also about faith. A wave goes up against mother nature and you can’t control it. You just have to have faith.

So if you see anyone with a wave on them, just know they are going through life with strength.

Nick Jonas’ Deep Tattoo

What do you think those symbols mean? “God is greater than the highs and the lows.” This tattoo is here to remind you that no matter what you are going through, it is nothing compared to the higher power that will get you through it.

Even your highs are not greater.

The Tree

The tree has long been a symbol of life. Across many folklore cultures and fictions, that has been the case. These tattoos make a mystical effect of fantasy on the human body. In a few religions, the tree is a symbol of eternal life.

Trees are reminders of the interconnectedness of all life.

Egyptian Tattoo

If you have an Egyptian background then hieroglyphs might have a personal meaning to you. If not, they still hold meaning and value.

The Egyptians used these symbols but they can be turned into small and intricate tattoos for anyone. Each hieroglyph has a meaning of its own.

The Country Tatt

Here is a tattoo of Austraila on a woman’s foot. Country tattoos can carry a strong meaning to any individual. This one happens to be Australia and this woman lives in America. This is a constant reminder to her about her homeland.

Now where ever she goes, so does her country.

Rings Carry Meaning

Real rings are important and so are the tattoos of them. From promise rings to wedding rings, you can’t deny the impact that rings carry. With tattoos of them, you can make them however you want and give them any type of meaning.

That is exactly what you see above.

For The Creators

A simple yet expressive tattoo. The needle and thread tattoo is for the fashion lovers and creators. It brings you back to the basics with a design that is far from complex but elegant at the same time.

It could also hold a completely different meaning like being stitched back up.

All Of The Lights

the stars and planets in space carry much mystery. We don’t know just how much is out there or if we’re the only beings in the universe. Getting a constellation tattoo like this one could come with various meanings.

There are an infinite amount possibilities with this design.

Put The Cat To Use

This could indeed be a lady who loves cats. But it isn’t a portrait or anything like that. This is a silhouette of the feline that showcases a more refined love for the animal and pet.

And chances are, you won’t be accused of being a “crazy cat lady” with this type of cat tattoo.

Switch Up The Language

What you see above translates to “that’s life”. It is in the French language. This quote could carry a different meaning for each individual.

Getting the tattoo of it has the ability to inspire your most thoughtful mood. Everyone has a story, it’s up to them how they choose to tell it.

Love Thy Dog

We all know a dog is a man’s best friend. With that comes all the effects that best friends bring. Moments of disparity and of course, all the loving moments.

When you have a dog, chances are the moments are going to be filled with love. So this tattoo has a ton of meaning.

The Sun Is Life

If it weren’t for the sun, where would we humans be? The sun can also represent many things such as creation and and happiness.

One normally wouldn’t get an actual replica of the sun on themselves so a symbol of it is just fine to bring to life the meaning of it.

So It Goes

A simple yet understated message. “So it goes” is what the tattoo reads. This message can be applied to anything if you think about it.

If you failed a test you thought you did good on, so it goes. If you win the lottery by accident, so it goes.

The Hat And Snake

This tattoo is paying respects to The Little Prince. That is a children’s book with much popularity. And when you look at this tattoo it is almost like an optical illusion.

Depending on how well your imagination is, you might see a hat at first but look closer and you see a snake that has eaten an elephant.

The Anchor

Anchor tattoos represent a lot. They stand for strength and stability. It could even be for someone that holds you down just as anchors holds down ships.

No matter how rough things get, the anchor is a sign of perseverance. Whoever you see with one must be a tough cookie.

Still I Rise

The meaning of this one is clear. Many people have struggles in their lives. Some problems may be worse than others (such as addiction or mental health issues).

The important thing is to keep going despite your problems. This tattoo shows that no matter what the problem, you can, and will, move on.

Celestial Symbols

This interesting tattoo includes a crescent moon, a sun, and an arrow that goes through them. The meaning? Essentially, the tattoo says, “The universe is there to guide us.”

So when life is throwing a lot at you, the universe has your back. It’s your guiding force and your support.

Matching Couples Tattoos

This couple opted to get matching tattoos. It’s something a few people do to prove their love for one another. In their case, their tattoos are the exact same geographical coordinates. Maybe it’s where they met or where they tied the knot.

Whatever the case, they cemented their love on their bodies forever.

Bow & Arrow

Here’s another great couple’s tattoo. He’s the bow, and she’s the arrow in this case. They go together like two peas in a pod. You can’t have one without the other.

They are more effective as a team than they are individually. It’s clever and it’s a really sweet tribute to their love.

Not-So-Random Numbers

Instead of getting the phrase “I love you to the moon and back” tattooed on their chest and arm, this couple decided to tattoo the actual mileage from the earth to the moon (and back).

It’s a sweet way to commemorate their love for one another (and a very creative one too!)

Never Give Up

This tattoo reads, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” This person is sending a clear message.

He will fight for what he believes in rather than submit to something that isn’t right. He will take action instead of bowing to the pressures of society and its rules.

Know Your Rights

We can wax philosophic about this tattoo on actress Angelina Jolie, but it doesn’t have quite as much meaning as you’d think.

We know she’s an ambassador for the United Nations and wants to protect people’s rights, but this tattoo is actually the name of her favorite band. Gotta love that she’s a fan.


You have to look closely at this tattoo to see that under the outline of the mountains is the word “wanderlust.” It’s a creative take and a great tattoo for someone who enjoys traveling and seeing the world.

The mountains are calling, and he or she is ready to go!

Two Tiny Xs

This person opted for a teeny, tiny tattoo on the heel of his or her foot. The two Xs actually represent a really good motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” We agree.

If you put enough hard work into something, you are more likely to achieve a successful outcome.

“The identification number of Eva Umlauf, a Jewish woman who arrived in Auschwitz at the age of two.”

The Redditer who posted this photo added this caption to it: “It’s A26959. Her mother, who was interned with her, later told her that she passed out from pain after being tattooed”.

auschwitz tattoo
Credit: Russian_Bagel / Reddit
Credit: Russian_Bagel / Reddit

“Eva believes she may be the youngest child to have been tattooed who survived”.

Alchemy Symbol

This is one of several alchemy symbols for copper. It represents love, balance, feminine beauty, and creativity. These symbols were used to represent certain elements and compounds through the 1700s.

This person opted to put the symbol on their ankle. She is a proud, strong woman with a mysterious edge.


This simple one color tattoo looks like a basic brush stroke, but it’s actually the Japanese symbol enso (or circle). It represents enlightenment, the universe, and the strength and power people have inside of them.

It’s often used in traditional Japanese calligraphy. It also represents elegance and mu (the void).

Hobbit Tattoo

You’ve probably seen this symbol before but can’t remember where. It’s actually from “The Hobbit.” Gandalf scribbled the rune, which means thief,” into Bilbo’s door so the dwarfs could find his home.

Maybe the wearer is a big fan of Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkein. Or she’s a burglar?

Sibling Tattoo

This trio of siblings is so close that they decided to put the same exact tattoo on their ankles. They opted for a drawing of three children, one of whom holds a balloon.

The person who is holding the balloon is different in each tattoo. It makes an impact seeing all three together.

Viking Symbol

This is a Viking symbol that essentially means, “Create your own reality.” People love Viking lore because the Vikings symbolized such a strong and powerful people.

Many people today want to tap into that strength by tattooing Viking symbols on their bodies. It’s simple but has a clear message. Life is what you make of it.

BFF Tattoo

Two close friends got tattoos with the following quote split in half: “Where you lead I will follow.” The phrase is also used in the theme song for the TV series “Gilmore Girls.”

This pair obviously has such love for each other that nothing will tear them apart. Bosom buddies!

Twin Triangles

Here’s a couple’s tattoos that might seem a little puzzling if you don’t see them side by side. Basically, it means, “I’m your fill.” It’s quite endearing if you think about it.

Together they are whole. Apart, they are a bit lopsided and not quite complete. Now you probably want a couple’s tattoo too!

Pink Ribbon

Everyone knows that a pink ribbon represents breast cancer. This tattoo includes the ribbon with the word “hope” next to it.

Either the person fought and overcame cancer or a loved one did. Either way, it’s a testament that no matter what happens in life you must fight in order to survive.

Create Yourself

You can’t wait for life to happen to you, you have to make life happen. This tattoo may be bent towards the artistic side, but everyone can benefit from its message.

There’s no better way to have a good life than to design it in a way that makes you happy.

Let It Be

There comes a time in your life when you have to stop sweating the small stuff. There are some things you cannot change. There are people who will not change.

You will just have to “let it be.” Let go of the stress and let go of the things you can’t control.

Finger Tattoo

There’s a lot going on with these tattoos, which someone placed on all of their fingers. The words are “blame,” “hate,” “love,” and “promise.”

Each one has a deep meaning, and they serve as a reminder that sometimes things don’t go well, but at other times they do. Yin and Yang.