These Stars Could Have Been In The Marvel Cinematic Universe But They Turned It Down

Marvel movies may not be considered high art” (sorry Marvel fans) but what’s so great about high art anyway? Yeah, these actors would get more clout from cerebral moviegoers if they starred in an indie directed by the Safdie brothers or the Coen brothers or any kind of brothers, but they’ll get more money with Marvel. Plus, Marvel actors get to be superheroes, and what’s cooler than that?

These actors passed on Marvel roles for various reasons, but hey, at least it meant we ended up with the characters we know and love.

Tom Cruise Could Have Been Iron Man

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James Devaney/Getty Images
James Devaney/Getty Images

At this point, we can’t imagine anybody but Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man, but believe it or not, that part almost went to Tom Cruise. He was the original actor slated to play the one and only Tony Stark. Marvel took too long to get the rights to the character and Cruise got bored, so he ended up backing out.

When they did finally gain the rights back in 2005, Robert Downy Jr. was in the perfect position to snag the part.