Northerners Have Absolutely No Idea What These Quintessentially Southern Phrases Mean

Sometimes Southern America and Northern America see eye to eye, and sometimes these two poles of the country have separate ways of thinking, being and even speaking. The American South is full of unique cultural quirks. The south is known for homestyle cuisine, a love for football, and the slang that makes you wonder if they’re speaking another language.

People from other parts of America have a hard time deciphering what exactly those Southern folk are trying to say, so we created this Southern slang dictionary to get them up to speed.

What It Means To Be “Full As A Tick”

full as a tick eating food

Nobody really wants to be compared to a blood-sucking parasite, but in the south, if you feel too full after a delicious meal, you might describe yourself as being “full as a tick.”

Ticks drink up a large amount of blood and then swell up like a balloon. It’s kind of similar to what happens to us after we eat way too much fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. It’s not a pretty image, but it’s accurate.