Scandals That Were Definitely Worse Than Watergate

The Watergate scandal involving President Nixon and break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters has gone down in history as one of the biggest political scandals. Even the name “Watergate” has become synonymous with scandal. Over the years, people have begun to use the “-gate” suffix on other words to drive home how scandalous an event really is.

Even though Watergate might be the greatest political scandal, is it as bad as Donutgate? Can it compare to Envelopegate? Read on to see all the scandals that have paid tribute to Watergate in the most hilarious ways.

Ariana Grande Shocked All Of America With Donutgate

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Jun Sato/GC Images
Jun Sato/GC Images

Grande is now on top of the world, but back in 2015, the only thing that anyone was talking about what Donutgate. The pop singer was caught on a security video in a donut shop licking the display donuts, putting them back for others, while saying “I hate Americans. I hate America. This is disgusting.”

Grande later apologized for “behaving poorly” and said she was extremely proud to be American. Judging by her success, the country accepted her apology for this heinous crime.