Find Out Where America Sits On The List Of The Richest Countries In The World

Americans are good at a lot of things. It is a great country to live in, but America is not the richest country in the world. At least, it’s not the richest country in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (or GDP) per capita.

GDP per capita is a measurement that’s used to determine all of a country’s wealth divided by its population. GDP is not a measure of how much money each individual person in that country has, especially in countries in which most of the wealth is held by the richest 1%. GDP tells you how much money everyone in the country would have if the country’s wealth was shared equally among all citizens. It’s simply a way of measuring how well a country is doing. Let’s see where America stands on this list.

Italy — GDP per capita $39,636

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Franco Origlia/Getty Images
Franco Origlia/Getty Images

We’re going to start by counting down the top twenty-seven richest countries, starting with the number twenty-seven spot, which is currently held by Italy. Italy’s GDP per capita comes in at $39,636. Italy is the third-largest national economy in the monetary union of the European Union.

Italy’s economy relies on its exports, which mainly consist of machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, furniture, food, clothing, and robots. The average monthly salary in Italy is €2,595, which converts to about $2,916 USD.