The Dishes Restaurant Workers Reveal They Would Never Order

If you weren’t raking leaves or mowing the lawn, most people found their first jobs working at a fast-food establishment. After working for several months, several “secrets” of the restaurant’s operations are revealed to these workers — and it sometimes causes them to realize that their once-favorite meals should probably be avoided.

If you’ve never spent time behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant, consider yourself lucky. In many cases, ignorance is bliss. Some Reddit users shared the one dish they would never order, and it’s eye-opening. It’s sad to see our favorite dishes go, but we’re happy we know the truth now.

All-Day Breakfast Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

There’s a reason why McDonald’s breakfast meals used to be confined to serving only in the mornings. Expanding the meals to an “all-day” menu might have placated a lot of customers desires, but the result can be less quality, especially if you hit the rush period at lunch or dinner times.

All-day breakfast sometimes means that the menu items are microwaved, rather than being cooked “fresh” (is it ever really “fresh” though?). Your biscuits or egg sandwiches might have a lower taste value as a result. That’s just the trade-off for being able to have pancakes after 7 p.m., I suppose…