Say Goodbye To These Once Popular Restaurant Chains

Traditional fast-casual restaurant chains aren’t doing as well as they once were. Chain restaurants have been on the decline ever since the 2008 financial crisis. Millennials are making healthier choices and opt for saving money by cooking at home. When people do choose to go out to eat, they’re usually looking for something a bit fancier than TGI Fridays.

That means a lot of once-popular chains are closing their doors for good. Keep reading to find out which restaurants aren’t going to be around for much longer and some that you won’t see around in 2020.

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday Is Looking Forward To The Weekend
Raymond Boyd/Getty Images
Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

You know the Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday?” It’s almost like they predicted the end of this restaurant chain in their lyrics. Ruby Tuesday is an East Coast chain that was founded in 1972 in Knoxville, Tennessee. In recent years, many Ruby Tuesday restaurants have been forced to close.

At last count, the chain has around 491 stores around the world. Most of their business now comes from take-out thanks to services such as Uber Eats.