Proof That Nature Is Scarier Than You Think

A rose that grew from concrete, double rainbows and a moth turning into a butterfly are all beautiful aspects of nature. Of course, there are other amazing features of nature that people love to appreciate but there are also some pretty terrifying creatures and disembodiments as well. This list is only for the brave so try your hardest and witness all the time’s nature got scary.

Keep reading to see an island of fire ants, a 28-foot crocodile, and crazy looking golden fish.

Fox In The Block

This fox reportedly fell through the ice into the water beneath it and was uncovered frozen in a cube of ice. Once found, he was carved into shape and left on the ice as a “scarecrow” to keep people off the ice. Seeing a frozen fox is a tad bit creepy wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes nature turns on itself. A fox may be an element of nature, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe from her wrath.

A Traveling Couple Captures Cyclist Being Chased By a Grizzly Bear

Cassie Beyer and her husband Donald Poster were driving down a scenic highway in July 2017 when they spotted a cyclist who was unknowingly being chased by a sizeable grizzly bear.

cyclist in alaska being chased by brown bear
Photo credit: Adalwulfpranger/Reddit
Photo credit: Adalwulfpranger/Reddit

The couple started honking their horn in an attempt to scare the bear. Another drive did the same, catching the cyclist’s attention and yelling ‘You’ve got a grizzly bear about 25 feet behind you.’ Apparently, the cyclist is used to this as he reportedly kept calm and started pedaling faster.

Don’t Reach In There

What you are looking at is a mother centipede. This mother is protecting her babies. I have never seen an insect that looks this creepy and dangerous. Imagine putting your hand in there by accident and touching that alien-like bug. That would be one interesting feeling.

The scariest part of this image is that all of those little white bugs are going to become full-grown centipedes who will have even more babies of their own.

Not Your Average Bat

The hammerhead bat is a game changer. This little guy is native in central Africa and is the largest bat in the continent. It can grow to have a wingspan of nearly 3 feet.

animal handler holding hammer head bat
Photo credit: AestheticPurrfection/Reddit
Photo credit: AestheticPurrfection/Reddit

Luckily, only the males get the terrifying moose nose and grow to be this big. They use the facial feature to lure females to mate by making honking noises with it. The females look much closer to innocent little fruit bats.

An Enormous 28-Foot Crocodile

This photo was taken in Queensland, Australia in 1957 after this enormous crocodile was shot and killed. What’s even cooler is that the croc was taken down by a female hunter by the name of Krystina Pawlowski.

28 foot crocodile with two hunters in background
Photo caption: @ciencia_gif/Twitter
Photo caption: @ciencia_gif/Twitter

She was a Polish immigrant who was a respected hunter. Still, she didn’t gain international attention until she killed this crocodile with one shot, earning the fitting nickname “One Shot” and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Did You Know Scallops Have Eyes AND Teeth?!

If you thought scallops were just soft, delicious pieces of seafood that weren’t intimidating at all, you don’t know how wrong you were. Unbeknownst to most of us, scallops are must more metal than anyone thought. They not only have eyes, which are those beady little blue things all along the shell, but teeth too!

a scallop showing blue eyes and boney teeth
Photo credit: Luke-HW/Reddit
Photo credit: Luke-HW/Reddit

It makes sense, since they are a living organism in the sea but this is still shocking evidence that nature is terrifying.

Dead Man’s Fungus Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

This thing looks like a zombie waking from the dead and trying to dig itself out of a shallow grave. In reality, this is a fungus called xylaria polymorpha. It’s a saprotrophic fungus which means it needs dead organic matter to grow. Terrifyingly, that means it would actually grow rapidly in a cemetery or anywhere else human or animal bodies are buried.

photo of xylaria polymorpha fungus also known as dead man's fingers
Photo credit: Unknown_name/Reddit
Photo credit: Unknown_name/Reddit

Whichever scientist out there had the idea to nickname this plant Dead Man’s Fungus had a weird sense of humor.

The Plant Of Death

This is when the underworld finds a way into the real world. Not only does this “plant” look wild and devilish, but it also looks like something straight from a sci-fi movie. I wouldn’t get near it even if you paid me. Whatever that is exactly, needs to be left alone.

plant of death

It’s hard to believe that this is a real plant and not some sort of underwater arthropod that found its way into a grassy field.

Don’t Go Chasing Lavafalls

Don’t go chasing lavafalls, just still to the volcanos and the ash that you’re used to. TLC warned us about this but we didn’t expect to see it in real life. This looks like the final battle scene in Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith. If we zoom in we’re expecting to see Anakin fighting Obi-Wan.

lava flowing over land to look like a waterfall
Photo credit: outroversion/Reddit
Photo credit: outroversion/Reddit

In reality, this is just proof that nature is terrifying and you don’t have to be in a sci-fi movie to see a scene like this.

Landslide Of Doom

This was one crazy landslide. the detour for this must have been extremely annoying and how long did it take for this to fix this? Hopefully, there was no one who got trapped in the dirt and debris while it was happening. I feel sorry for the construction workers handling this.

This just proves that nature has no regard for man-made structures or pathways. Oh, there’s a road there? Nature doesn’t care in the slightest.

The Burning Tree

Apparently, lightning struck this tree, however, this wasn’t the direct aftermath. This tree was burning like this a day later as well. Is it going to explode? I don’t know what’s going to happen but coming across this would put some interesting thoughts in people’s minds.

tree after lightening strikes

It will probably glow like this for a few more days before the energy from the lightning burns up and the inside of that tree is left black and almost hollow.

Would You Believe This Man Survived?

In 1989, a man by the name of Jean Guichard captured this incredible photo on the northwest coast of France. The lighthouse known as Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument, is almost completely engulfed by a massive wave.

person standing in lighthouse door as large wave hits it
Photo credit: Gar1986/Reddit
Photo credit: Gar1986/Reddit

The man you see standing in the door is Theodore Malgorn, who was the lighthouse keeper. Malgorn and his colleagues remained safely tucked away in the upper levels of the lighthouse during the storm and all made it out safely.

A Truly Terrifying Nest

This was found in a man’s shed that was left alone for an extended period of time. The scary head feature is from a wood carving that was in the shed and apparently, a nest was formed over it. Walking into the shed and seeing this for the first time must have been borderline heart-stopping.

Maybe it’s time to just burn the whole shed down. Starting fresh sounds like a good idea after seeing this monstrosity.

Let’s Make Spiders Even Scarier

If we haven’t already shown you that tarantulas are terrifying, here’s another example. This tarantula is infected with cordycipitaceae, which is a parasitic fungus. The fungus is known for being brightly colored and growing upwards to the right.

hand holding a tarantula infected with a parasitic fungi
Photo credit: champagnehabibi9898/Reddit
Photo credit: champagnehabibi9898/Reddit

Normally, the fungi will infect plants but it has also been known to infect animals, too. While it won’t kill this tarantula, it will terrify the living daylights out of anyone who happens to come across it.

Geese Aren’t As Innocent As You’d Think

Everything nice you ever thought about geese is history. This photo changes everything about the animal. We had accepted the fact that geese have teeth on their beak. It makes sense so they can eat fish.

goose with open mouth that shows teeth on sides of tongue
Photo credit: cruciatus_curse/Reddit
Photo credit: cruciatus_curse/Reddit

But then we saw this photo and realize they also have teeth on their tongue. With this revelation, normal geese just moved up a few notches on the scary scale alongside their Canadian Goose partners. When these things hiss, get out of the way!

Spiked Skeleton

This fish or whatever you want to call it looks highly unordinary. The eyes on it are huge and the mouth looks like it was capable of eating another fish whole with just one bite. And did we mention there are spikes on the skeleton? That’s as creepy as it gets.

This skeleton looks like it once belonged to some kind of pufferfish. Who knew that this is what was under all of that air

A Great White Shark Next To The Mouth Of A Megalodon

Normally, animals going extinct is a bad thing. But one look at the jaws of a megalodon and we can’t say we’re sad they are no longer in existence. These behemoths existed somewhere between 2.5 and 28 million years ago but went extinct due to lack of prey.

great white shark hung inside the jaws of a megalodon fossil
Photo credit: @rainmaker1973/Twitter
Photo credit: @rainmaker1973/Twitter

Female great white sharks can grow up to be 21 feet in length, so they’re not exactly on the small size. But that’s no match for the megalodon, which could be as long as 59 feet.

The Giant Isopod Is A Giant “Nope”

This giant isopod is found in the deepest depths of our oceans. An isopod is a crustacean that can line in the sea, freshwater, or on land. Animals like woodlice are included in the genus but also giant ones like this.

giant isopod being held by lab tech
Photo credit: TCIGOD/Reddit
Photo credit: TCIGOD/Reddit

Giant isopods can grow to be more than a foot long which is honestly a relief. If they got any larger they would look dangerously like Predator. We’re in favor of putting this thing back where it came from.

A Special Golden Fish

If you thought the fish with the human teeth was strange, just look at this one. A gold tail with a weird mouth and crazy teeth. This is another creature that looks like it’s from a sci-fi show or movie. Coming across this would be a bad thing I’m willing to bet.

A fish that looks like this could only have come from the deepest parts of the ocean. Maybe we won’t go scuba diving any time soon…

These Mammatus Clouds Following a Tornado Look Photoshopped

Mammatus clouds, also known as mammary clouds, get their name for their resemblance to cow or goat udders. These strange clouds are formed when cold air is pushed down and forms pockets within the warm air. A man named Wiliam Clement Ley was the first person to record this phenomenon in the late 1890s.

mammatus curved clouds following a tornado
Photo credit: @3h_wc/Twitter
Photo credit: @3h_wc/Twitter

You are most likely to see them following a thunderstorm or tornado. This photo was taken in Nevada after a crazy tornado.

To The Underworld

This is a lava pit that looks like it leads to the devil. The tar even looks like lost souls being sucked into the fiery abyss. If that lady isn’t careful then she could end up in a pretty hot situation.

demon lava pit

This kind of looks like the cave of wonders in Aladdin, but you don’t want to be diving into that thing to find treasures or a magic lamp. Stay far away from the red glow.

Turning His Nose Up At You

The star-nosed mole is one of the most interesting animals on the plant — if only for its look! This odd creature is actually a small rodent. The star-nosed mole has 22 appendage-like structures surrounding its nose. Although this physical feature may look surreal, it actually serves a very important purpose.

star nosed mole showing nose tentacles
Photo credit: Epic Wildlife/YouTube
Photo credit: Epic Wildlife/YouTube

Without its unique nose, the star-nosed mole would have a difficult time with its senses. It’s this organ that helps them smell, feel touch, and sense temperature changes.

An Island Of Fire Ants

Yes, you are looking at this correctly. That is a herd of ants that formed together during Hurricane Harvey so they could float safely together. Smart thinking on their part but a terrifying sight for us to see in real life. They could easily disband and attack you.

This blob of ants is literally floating on the water. That’s how many ants there are in this bundle. Who allowed this to exist? Do you have goosebumps all over? Because we definitely do.

Just How Many Bees?

What you see is an image of honey seeping through the electric outlet on the wall. That means there are bees inside the walls producing honey. Having bees inside your wall is not a treat or a joy. They can easily find a way in a sting you. That’s not fun.

I mean, the honey is a nice perk, but it’s not worth having thousands of bees living inside your drywall. You can just get honey from the grocery store.

Killer Fish Teeth

Swimming in the water and running into this can completely ruin your mood for future trips to the beach. If that thing were to latch on to your foot on any part of your body, consider yourself lunch! Those teeth look extremely sharp and capable, so be careful in the ocean.

The image of this mouth is enough to make us want to stay out of the water for a long, long time. Who knows what else is lurking in the ocean?

The Great Escape

This insect was swallowed whole by this viper, no big deal. The insect’s escape is what matters. If it was able to survive a viper eating it and it’s insides then this bug is nothing to mess with. Take a good mental image of it so you know just in case you run into it in the wild.

This bug pushed himself out of the side of this snakes body after being swallowed whole. That’s insane!

A Human Fish?

The teeth this fish possess look awfully familiar. Maybe that’s because those look exactly like human teeth! This creeps you out because it makes you wonder how it obtained human-like features. Evolution could have brought this fish to this stage but why would it need human-like teeth?

There are also way too many rows of human-like teeth in this fish’s mouth. Why does it need so many teeth? What could it possibly be chomping on that requires that many molars?

Resurrected Frog

This is the frog that rose again. This frog was found outside of a shop flattened with no life. The owner thought it would be a good idea to pour some water on it and sure enough, this little guy came back to form and was ready for action.

Frogs are more resilient than we give them credit for. If this little guy can come back from the dead, who knows what else frogs can do?

Husk Heads

What you see are dying flowers. But at first glance, it looks like little heads in the plants. Ghostly faces too, flowers don’t usually look this way when they’re dying out so this is particularly creepy. But now you know just in case you run into something like this.

Don’t be afraid if you come across what looks like seven bird skulls attached to a tall plant. Those were most likely never birds at all.

A New Transformation

Strolling through nature is always fun and a good time. That is until you come across something like this that looks like its transforming into an alien from another planet. Imagine that thing turned into that while you were walking by and proceeded to fly in your direction.

It almost looks like a warthog snout that’s been hung up on a tree. What could this bug possibly need this grotesque appendage for? It’s not very pretty.

Big Crab Baby

If you saw this thing just crawling around, chances are you would question if the environment you are in is good for your well-being. A crab with a baby’s head on it is quite alarming mainly because it’s something you don’t really see every day or at all.

This is a moment in which nature came together with something man-made to create something even more terrifying than a crab or a doll could ever be on their own.

One Dangerous Nest

Once again, a doll gets tied up in nature and the results are daunting. Wasps are already a scary insect because their stingers are quite painful. But to see them flying in and out of a baby doll in a tree only makes them worse.

It’s possible that the wasps have made a nest inside of this doll, which is really scary considering that the doll is so human-looking. If they can make a nest out of a doll, what would they do with us?

Snake Creature?

The body of this thing looks like a caterpillar. Nothing scary about caterpillars at all, they’re gently insects. But why does this one have the head of a snake? Is this some type of new creature that was found or a fusion of the two? Whatever part of the world these things are found, you won’t find me.

This must be some kind of defense mechanism, and it’s clearly working out very well for this creature.

Spot The Wrap-Around Spider

Spiders are already pretty scary on their own, but some of nature’s creepiest spiders are the ones who can camouflage seamlessly. The wrap-around spider is known for being able to flatten its body to lay flat around tree limbs. These spiders are native to Australia (obviously, because everything scary lives there).

spider camouflaged by wrapping around tree
Photo credit: Freddie83/Reddit
Photo credit: Freddie83/Reddit

Just imagine, somewhere out there is a tree entirely covered with these terrifying spiders and you won’t realize it until it’s much too late.

Boney M Would Like This Puffer Fish Skeleton

Fish are filled with hundreds and thousands of tiny little bones. Anyone who has had to debone a fish would know they get in the way. This skeleton of a pufferfish shows just how crazy the bone structures of fish can get.

skeleton of a puffer fish
Photo credit: Reddit
Photo credit: Reddit

These bones expand and contract with the fish to make its outer shell dangerous at all times. This is one fish we wouldn’t like to debone. It’s not even alive and it still looks dangerous.

Leopard Seals Are Actually Terrifying

We know what you’re thinking: seals are sweet and adorable; they do tricks in aquariums; what could be so scary about them? Well, leopard seals are a different story. It’s the second-largest seal in Antarctica and it’s only predator in the wild is the killer whale.

eyes and face of leopard seal seen in dark of ocean
Photo credit: Bill Curtsinger/Reddit
Photo credit: Bill Curtsinger/Reddit

If you’re still not convinced it’s terrifying, just watch the scene in Happy Feet when a leopard seal chases Mumble. The seals feed on penguins in real life too.

This Chameleon Isn’t Alive

Chameleons are already kind of creepy. They move really slow, they can change colors so you never really know what is going on with them, and they have those crazy eyes that can look two directions at once.

cameleon sitting on pipe mummified in place by extreme heat
Photo credit: Reddit
Photo credit: Reddit

They’re so creepy that you might not even realize that this chameleon is dead. It was mummified in place thanks to the burning sun of the tropics. The pose it’s striking might be the creepiest thing about it.

This Fish Will Outlive Us All

At first glance, this fish is—dare we say it—cute. It’s tiny and innocent and looks like a little slug. Look a little closer and you’ll see a terrifying face, sharp teeth, and gooey body.

small black fish the size of a fingernail that can survive volcanos
Photo credit: csiro/Reddit
Photo credit: csiro/Reddit

But it’s features aren’t the only scary thing about this fish. It was only recently discovered by scientists. It can survive in volcanoes and will likely be one of the few animals that survive the eventual apocalypse. Can you imagine a whole planet of these things?

This Fish Knows Its Fate

You can tell by the look on this fish’s face that it knows it’s in deep trouble. It got stuck inside a jellyfish after the jelly tried to eat it. According to Tim Samuel, who took the photo, the fish was miraculously able to control where the jellyfish moved “like some sort of twisted version of a living and breathing submarine.”

fish seen inside clear jellyfish
Photo credit: TedTheHappyGardener/Reddit
Photo credit: TedTheHappyGardener/Reddit

It’s just as terrifying to see animals staying alive when you know they aren’t going to be alive for much longer.

Two Against One

Two against one typically wouldn’t be fair, but this eagle is clearly running the show. Eagles love to prey on small mammals like prairie dogs, rabbits, raccoons, and squirrels. Another one of their favorite delicacies? Small birds.

eagle flying with bird in its talons while being attacked by another bird
Photo credit: Gar1986/Reddit
Photo credit: Gar1986/Reddit

The eagle like saw this seagull on the bottom and snatched him up during a moment of vulnerability. The seagull looks pretty firmly clasped in this eagle’s talons, but who knows? Maybe the other seagull triumphantly rescued his friend!