Proof That Nature Is Scarier Than You Think

A rose that grew from concrete, double rainbows and a moth turning into a butterfly are all beautiful aspects of nature. Of course, there are other amazing features of nature that people love to appreciate but there are also some pretty terrifying creatures and disembodiments as well. This list is only for the brave so try your hardest and witness all the time’s nature got scary.

Keep reading to see an island of fire ants, a 28-foot crocodile, and crazy looking golden fish.

Fox In The Block

This fox reportedly fell through the ice into the water beneath it and was uncovered frozen in a cube of ice. Once found, he was carved into shape and left on the ice as a “scarecrow” to keep people off the ice. Seeing a frozen fox is a tad bit creepy wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes nature turns on itself. A fox may be an element of nature, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe from her wrath.