Priceless Haunted House Reactions You’ll Love

Sleeping with the lights on, snuggling in the bed with your parents and covering your eyes while watching a scary movie are all signs that you were afraid of something when you were younger. What that something was is custom-fitted to each individual so don’t feel alone because you weren’t the only one.

This hidden camera set up at a Niagra Falls tourist attraction caught some of the best reactions ever on camera and we have to share them with you so that you can have a good laugh.

Maybe Some Jazz Hands Will Help!

Jazz hands people, it spices things up! Here you see the male leading the pack but he also looks like the one who is the most frightened! The two ladies behind him tensed up a bit but they forgot to follow suit and use their jazz hands! This just goes to show that even when the guy leads, you’re still in for a scare.

Hold On For Dear Life

There’s something else to being scared that makes people crave it in a weird and contradicting way. “Humans have been scaring themselves and each other since the birth of the species, through all kinds of methods,” said Margee Kerr, a sociologist who studies fear. Is this why haunted houses are so fun for us humans? Of course, these two don’t look like they’re having fun now, but later when they see this image, they’re sure to get a good laugh out of it.

Quick, Do The Heimlich!

Have you ever been so scared that you choked on something? If you haven’t, this is what the end result looks like. We aren’t entirely sure if she was actually choking on something or if he (assuming he’s the boyfriend) just reverted to a protect yourself mode. It appears as if he might be using her as a human shield. Or perhaps the two were doing the prom pose as they walked through and got caught on camera like this. Whichever it was, it turned out priceless and worth the picture. Men, don’t use your girlfriend as a human shield.

Bro, Did You See That?!

In the last slide, we witnessed a guy become too afraid while around his girl. Here we have a flourishing bromance. Our guy in the back looks to be the one who slept with the lights on when he was younger while the guy in the front probably wasn’t that scared until he was grabbed from behind! No matter how tough you think you are, if something is scary enough, it will make you look like a frightened hamster next to your guy friends. Better luck next time, pal. Maybe you’ll have a lady to be attached to.

Follow The Leader!

When you’re scared out of your boots, the best option sometimes is to run! And that is what the lady in the flannel is doing. Even the girl behind her seems to be severely scared. Meanwhile, the guys behind them are holding down the fort. Or actually, they might be attempting to evacuate as well! They are all connected at this point so it makes the most sense for them to all abandon ship simultaneously. Not only do we see a fearful group but there’s another glimpse of a great bromance between the buds in the back.

Good Hair Mixed With A Better Scare

One friend probably thought it would be a great idea if the four of them got dressed up and went to a haunted house for a good scare. At least one of the other girls was opposed to the idea but because all of the other friends were down, she had to be down as well to avoid throwing off the vibe. Can you guess which girl was most opposed to this? It had to have been the one second from the right with the green jacket. Her face says it all.

Hide The Kids, Hide The Wife!

Similar to the other couple we witnessed earlier, these two are almost in the same exact pose. Is it a natural instinct for guys to not want to be in front of their lady and be protective when they are frightened or do the body’s natural reactions supersede anything you may have thought you wanted to do? So far, it seems to be the latter as this guy appears to be turning his girl into a human shield but she also uses her hair as a shield upon further review. The both of them are out of luck if this were a real terror.

The Real Human Shield

Okay, before we were having fun with the guys for using their girlfriends as human shields. However, here we have two ladies and one is actually using the other as a shield. This is a fabulous reaction and one that is as genuine as they come. Look at the face of the shield, she is probably screaming at the top of her lungs while her friend is using a titan grip on her. We would love to have audio of this particular scare because it seems amazing. Maybe next time she won’t bring her to a haunted house.

Somebody Help This Couple!

We’re sorry but it looks like these two are equally as scared and when that happens, there isn’t much hope for the both of them. This just makes you wonder what in the world is right there that is causing all of these poor innocent people to become so afraid. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what is right there as long as they keep having these amazing reactions for all of the world to see and share a laugh over. It also looks like he is about to give another Heimlich procedure.

Does He Dare Do This Alone?

So far, we have seen everyone not take this journey by themselves. We’ve seen couples and even a train of people scared for their lives. We have yet to witness a brave soul go through this haunted house all alone, until now. Judging by this guy’s stature, he seems to go to the gym often enough and could be a macho type of guy. But his reaction tells a different story. A story that even the mightiest of bros can be frightened by what crawls through a haunted house. Maybe next time he should bring a friend or two.

The Scared And Stretch

We’ve heard of the classic yawn-and-stretch. You know, the move you pull while you’re on a date at the movies and you do a seemingly harmless yawn as you stretch your arm behind your date. It’s the oldest trick in the book. But it seems now, that move has evolved into something less obvious. We call it, the scared and stretch. This guy was clearly scared for his life and pulled off the move with flawless execution. The camera did its job and captured it in motion. Now, guys, you all have a new move up your sleeve.

Baby, Help me!

The trend that seems to be going on is that the men are way more frightened than the women. Their faces tell it all. And the face of this man is more than priceless. This is a moment the wife will never let him live down. She even appears to be slightly smiling. That can be due to the fact that her man is screaming at the top of his lungs gripping her with iron fists. If she was funny, she would have this picture blown up and frame it so she could give it to him for his next birthday. Have him put it on his desk at work so he’s always reminded.

Another Group Fright Fest

You would think things would be less scary when you are with a larger group of people. That is not the case with these three. The fear factor was still there when they entered this house and the girl in the middle looks like she just saw the unspeakable. Something that can’t even be explained is what she saw if you couldn’t tell by her face. The other two look moderately afraid, but the girl on the right also seems to be afraid of what she heard as well. There is no telling what they are looking at.

Another Couple Bites The Dust

Finally, we see a couple who have things reversed. This time, the lady was in the back and the man was leading the pack. Sadly, the results still turned out the same and they seem to be paralyzed with fear. Their mouths are agape and their eyes are full of shock. She is squeezing the life out of his right arm and if she held on any longer, he might have lost circulation. So it would appear that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is leading the pack because the fear will still fill you.

Who Will Save Us?!

These poor ladies have had enough. We aren’t sure if this happens at the start of the haunted house or not but if it does then we can bet that they were about ready to get out of there. The woman in the middle had to resort to grabbing on to the shirt of the woman in front of her. That is a new level of fear. To be filled with so much fear that you grab the person in front of you to prevent them from running out on their own. It just makes it even funnier.

The Three Stooges

Three guys and one haunted house? That should have been a breeze for them! It looks like it was the complete opposite for these three guys. One was so scared that he had to close his eyes. He happens to be the most muscular one as well so that just goes to show that ghosts and ghouls are greater than any amount of time you’ve spent sweating in the gym. This is one bro sandwich for the ages. If they have girlfriends or wives, they should never let them forget about this.

A Train of Fear

One, two, three, four, five, six people all consumed with fear at the same time. Well, maybe five and a half because the girl in the red hoodie on the end looks more amused than afraid. Outside of her, everyone else seems to be having the time of their life! One girl is so excited that you can’t even see her face because she stuffed it in the back of the guy in front of her. And the guy she’s holding on to is busy helping the guy who is in front about to use the bathroom on himself.

Somebody Get These Boys Some Help

This is a sight to see. There two different reactions both show that they are genuinely concerned with what is before them but the kid in the blue tank top seems way more shook than his buddy standing next to him. They both performed a lazy version of the scared and stretch and that could have something to do with the kid in the tank top popping a squat in the middle of the fright fest. All the dynamics were thrown out of wack once he did that. Hopefully, they made it out of there safely and with no tears.

The Three Amigos

Before we had the three stooges but now we have the three amigos. These three look a tad more scared than the stooges did and you can tell when you compare stances. The friend in the middle has completely lost interest in trying to seem manly. He resorted to hiding his face and hugging his friend in front of him. The guy in the back is trying his hardest to get out of harm’s way but it doesn’t look like he was that successful. These guys were doomed from the moment they stepped foot in this house.

Let’s Get Out!

This guy is not playing any games. He might have the sternest face out of everybody we’ve seen so far. He came in and saw the madness and immediately made up his mind that he was going to get out of there. His lady seems to be too petrified to make decisions for herself at the moment so that is when he steps up and gets them out! Not even a flinch from our guy. They locked hands and as she was trying to get his other hand they were already on the move.