Incredible Uses For Pool Noodles That Prove They’re More Than Just A Toy

Pool noodles have been a staple of summertime fun since the 1980s. They were originally made for swimming but pool noodles are good for so much more than swimming. You can use these regular flotation devices to make some pretty cool crafts, solve some household problems, and make your life a little bit easier.

You’ll never believe you were living life without these incredible pool noodle hacks. Keep reading to learn how you can hack your home with pool noodles.

Keep Your Car Safe

Protect Your Car Doors Paint Job

Have you ever opened your car door right into the side of your garage? There’s a hack for that. Either attach a part of the noodle to your garage or keep a section in your car so you can slip it onto the door before opening it fully.

Just section off a bit of noodle and slice it from end to end. The noodle will easily slip onto your door and allow you to get out of a tight garage or parking space without severely messing up your car’s paint job.