Pictures That Has Questioning Literally Everything In Our Lives

Coming across the unknown in life will make you question everything.

With the amount of knowledge we pick up on a daily basis, how much do you actually remember? Well, when you don’t know something, you just don’t know it. That can be more devastating than actually passing a math test you thought you failed. Just below the surface, something out of the blue comes out, like half of an egg yolk being boiled in a weird way. It’s things like that which will make you question everything you ever thought you knew.

Lava Skull

Lava Skull.jpg

iBleeedorange / reddit

From the looks of it, this actually does look like a lava skull, but the photographer just chose the perfect moment to capture this picture. How cools is that? That’s something you don’t see often. I’m not a big traveler, but I always did want to check out a volcano… from the safety of the water.

Never Seen This Before

Rechargable Batteries.jpg

skyraider_37 / reddit

Rechargeable batteries used to be all the rage, but USB rechargeable batteries? Game changer. Thanks to technology today, we can save a couple of bucks and help the environment. One downside to this is that the wire to charge the battery looks like it takes up the whole thing.

Pretty Colors For A Market

Market In Thailand.jpg

aroyale / reddit

Welcome to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Located in Bangkok, the tents make it look like one big rainbow. The scenery makes this even better since it has a tourist feel to it.

Wait for the next tourist site shortly. It’s considered to be the largest mirror in the world.

The Towel Mystery Unsolved


BrosettaStone7 / reddit

Bed Bath & Beyond is known for the way they stack towels. Well, here’s the place to find out the mystery behind its perfection. What’s really underneath the towel facade is foam. Yup, that’s right, the foam is used to make the towels look so authentic and comfy.

Block Of Wood That Looks Like Fire

Block Of Wood That Looks Like Fire.jpg

@derangeddonkey / instagram

So this is what you find in Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can. Really though, it’s just a block of wood with a side of epoxy resin. The orange-lava color appears on the block of wood as soon as the resin drips onto it. As cool as this looks, that would make one awesome science project.

Walking On Glass? No Way

Walking On A Glass Mirror But It's Not.jpg

nanotinker / imgur

It looks like the largest mirror in the world, but it’s because of the illusion. This creates an intense reflection from the shallow surfaces of the water.

The next one coming up shortly will give people an inside look at what a clear wave in the ocean looks like.

A Painting Coming Right At You

3D Painting .jpg

Ze-skywalker / reddit

Amazing artwork right there. Even the guy standing there looking at the painting makes this pretty trippy to look at. It’s unique to see the face from the painting peak out and paint the person on the bottom. Art museums need to display more paintings like this.

Elephant Bananas

Elephant Made Out Of Bananas .jpg

andrej4395 / imgur

With these many bananas, it would have taken weeks to make this into an elephant. This would be pretty cool to see in person, but the downside is that the bananas could go yellow the next day. Let’s hope they don’t rot to the point where it looks like one big turd.

Under The Sea

Seaweed In A Wave.jpeg

totallynotabeaverindisguise / imgur

Ever seen the inside of a wave before? You’re looking at it. That’s just a combination of the perfect tide with clear water, and giant plagues of seaweed, ew.

As cool as this looks, the next water scene just ahead shows when waves from two different directions meet.

They Are Color Coded For A Reason

GOT Deaths From The Books.jpg

leozik / reddit

Sure, this might be a fan of Game Of Thrones, but there’s a reason behind the sticky notes. All the notes you see in each book details the death of each character. Essentially, it’s all the deaths from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Can the final season come sooner than later?

Stranger Things With Egg Yolks

Egg Yolk Weird Stuff.jpg

raines88 / reddit

There’s a good chance you’ve never seen this when making eggs. This looks like an indicator that the egg wasn’t fertilized properly, but I’m no eggs-pert. Something like this would make one cool science project. But really though, this just makes the ‘who came first’ debate much more complicated.

Waves That Look Like Postcards

Wave After Wave.jpg

@DiscoverAndKnow / twitter

For you Minecraft fanatics out there, this one is for you. Sure, the waves might resemble the game, but here’s why. Across the sea, waves from two different directions meet to create the illusion.

Ever seen the aftermath of a train track after an Earthquake hits? More on that coming up.

Old McDonald Had A Farm

Old McDonald Had A Pool.jpg

fugololo / reddit

Fun fact: chickens can float like ducks. You can argue with your science teacher about this because here’s the proof. Either way, it’s kind of funny have the thought of chickens swimming in a pool. The next thing farmers will do is start swimming races for their hens.

Simple Solution To This Situation

Don't Call AAA When This Happens.jpg

fancy-ketchup / reddit

It’s not the end of the world when this happens. Once the Fob on your car handle pops off, the key is still accessible. Hopefully, this person actually has the key on them so they can get into the car. If not, well, you’re going to have to call up AAA for this one.

An Earthquake Did This

Earthquake Result In Norway.jpg

WholeWideWorld / reddit

You might think this was done on purpose, but it wasn’t. The train tracks are aligned like a slinky due to the aftermath of an Earthquake in Norway.

It can be hard to imagine train tracks ending up like this, but the next one ahead will show how houses can look in a black hole.

Knight Of The Penguin

Knights Of Penguins.jpg

homadek / imgur

Now, this is funny and cute. In 2008, Norway had a special ceremony for little Nils Olav. Yes, that’s right, the penguin had its own ceremony where it was knighted. Seriously, Canada could learn from this. They can simply knight a beaver or a moose for being so Canadian.

Bikes Can Levitate

Bikes On Water.jpg

wfarighi / reddit

Talk about capturing a great moment in a matter of seconds. He looks like he’s floating on water, but it’s just him jumping off the deck with his bike. There’s a good chance he dipped into the water with the bike, with a possible chance that his chains rusted up real quick.

Black Hole House

Black Hole House.jpg

jsaddler12 / reddit

Nope, that’s not a black hole. It might look like the end of the world is near, but not at all. Construction workers did this as an incredible demonstration of when a house is torn down. Hollywood might call up and ask to keep this house for a future movie on the world coming to an end.

What does a cell tower look like when it’s been taken over by mother nature? Well…

Fly Like A Bird


Makasar10 / reddit

A murmuration of starlings took flight at the best time possible. Starlings took the form of a giant bird while being targeted by a bird of prey. This would make such an awesome painting to hang in your house. With the sun rising behind it, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The Sound Of Music

The Sound Of Music

optimistic__nihilist / reddit

I’m pretty glad I grew up in the age of tapes and CD’s, because there’s no way I would have trusted myself with a vinyl record. It seems too easy to scratch them up and I feel I would have broken more than one as me and my siblings argue over which one to play next.


cell tower blur.jpg

CWN174 / reddit

First of all, stop laughing. Second of all, this is an example of what nature is going to do when the robots take over. When we start to abandon all of those old cell towers when the next wave a technology comes through, you can bet our children’s children will think that they’re just very progressive types of trees.

Have you ever wanted to know the weather without having to crack open a window? One hotel has the answer.

That Seems Like A Tripping Hazard

croc in floor blur.jpg

I_ATE_TODAY / reddit

This is a prime example of what happens when you let your interior decorator go too far. Sure, this looks very nice, but if some old lady isn’t tripping over it, it’s going to be a little kid crying when this guy scares them. That just doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

Hitching A Ride

chic in chicken crop.jpg

Joseph_Morrison / reddit

If you can’t count on your mom for a ride, who can you count on? This is incredibly cute and really sets the standard for every parent out there. We all need a little help now and then, and when all else fails, you know kids will go to their mom, no matter how old they are.

Weather Report

weather report crop.jpg

mynamesafad / reddit

Ok, this officially needs to be in every hotel ever. Sure, I could simply open my curtains to see what the weather is like, but why turn my head like a sucker when it’s all laid out for me on the trip to the elevator? This is the new standard for when I book a hotel room.

What does the most epic tree house look like? You’re about to find out.

Multi-Purpose Bench

paving bench crop.jpg

MadDanWithABox / reddit

This looks like something out of a cartoon. Isn’t this the move of the typical friendly giant, where they simply rip up the ground around them to craft the perfect bench to sit on? I don’t know who they hired, but this is an absolute work of art that I’d be tempted to sit on.


raspbeery crop.jpg

TheLittleBarnHen / reddit

No, I will not apologize for that sad yet totally necessary joke. This is the kind of pun most comedians dream about coming across. This is why you should always wash and inspect your fruits and vegetables, because I can’t imagine a worse thing to bite into.

Who Lives Here?

house tree blur.jpg

Forestdwelling_Druid / reddit

Based on everything I know about mythical tree-dwellers, this is either a fairy, an elf, or Slappy Squirrel. I will never understand how people can create anything the least bit artistic, considering a typical game of Pictionary ends will me curled up in a ball in tears.

Are you sick of struggling to get money out of your wallet? An answer is just ahead.

Let The Beat Drop

pope speaker blur.jpg

brassnixon / reddit

So when I saw that the Vatican had these marble-colored speakers to help them blend in, I immediately started questioning what plays over those speakers. Sure, the Pope does some public addresses from time to time, but are their like, concerts at the Vatican?


windcicles crop.jpg

MrWiggless– / reddit

While I’m sure we are all aware that windcicles are not an actual thing, there’s really no other way to describe these things. I’ve seen icicles grow on an angle before, but these winds forced the ice to literally melt sideways. Needless to say, I won’t be vacationing there anytime soon.

The Bigger, The Better

mexican money crop.jpg

lochjessmonster13 / reddit

This needs to be adopted by every government so that we don’t have to continue fumbling and stumbling through our wallets. The Mexican government introduced new bills that go up in size as the amount increases. This is both genius and a serious space saver for those of us who aren’t exactly flush with money.

Have you ever wondered what a basketball court looks like before the court’s laid down?

Looks Like Chocolate

choco covered mushroom cap crop.jpg

Nanolaska / reddit

The unwritten rule of the forest is ‘don’t just put anything in your mouth,’ but this mushroom is making me question everything I learned in the scouts. I mean, sure it could be poisonous, but it could also be chocolate, so it’s hard to tell which direction I should go.

Slow Snow Flow

snow flow roof crop.jpg

Fabri-cobbler / reddit

If you’ve never had to deal with a heavy snowfall, just know that I am extremely jealous of you. It’s pretty terrible. You’re basically trapped indoors in the freezing cold. However, when the snow finally begins to melt, sometimes you’re treated to a sight like this.

The Making Of A Basketball Court

The Making Of A Basketball Court

geekenox / reddit

This makes me incredibly uncomfortable. It looks naked. I’ve seen what a basketball court looks like when a pipe breaks, and all the wood gets warped, but even that looks better than this monstrosity. I couldn’t even bring myself to dribble on it.

Prepare yourself for an optical illusion someone captured from their bedroom window.



cdubyadubya / reddit

This is the level of thriftiness I hope to obtain one day. This shopkeeper was not investing in two separate signs, so instead went and bought themselves so extra large Scrabble tiles. Now all they have to do is move the ‘N’ from one end to the other. Genius!

A Pie For A 3.14

apple pie 3.14.jpg

3treasurerice / reddit

Grade 3 math teachers are shuddering at their students who don’t understand this. One of the basic math lessons we all learn that we almost never apply in our daily lives is that pi is equal to 3.14 and then an infinite number of digits. If that’s not a mouth-watering fact, I don’t know what is.

Natural Magic Trick

cardboard box levitate crop.jpg

Cellular_tuesday / reddit

No, that piece of cardboard is not levitating. It’s actually just positioned behind the draining grate that looks like a shadow underneath. It’s a pretty wild optical illusion that could only happen after a powerful storm ripped through the neighborhood on garbage day.

When You Siblings Steal Your Clothes

When You Siblings Steal Your Clothes

874151 / reddit

So, a couple different things went through my head when I first spotted this. There was the Spiderman meme where the two spiderman’s (spidermen?) are pointing at each other. But then I was reminded of how my sisters would steal each others clothes and end up accidently matching.

Just Build Around It

Just Build Around It

of_the_mountain / reddit

I’m all for respecting nature, and have to give it up to these homeowners who didn’t want to disturb mother nature when they were building their house. That being said, this has to affect the resale value of the house. I mean, it can’t be easy to park your car in this garage.

This Cool Sunglasses Cleaner

sunglasses cleaner shirt crop.jpg

Samviii / reddit

I’m officially getting this sewn into every piece of clothing I own. Apparently you aren’t just supposed to use the bottom of your shirt to clean off your glasses (who knew) so this coatmaker had the bright idea to have this little patch added.

Someone’s Pumped

sarcastic card blur.jpg

cdjk1234 / reddit

I’m just not feeling the excitement. How often has anyone actually exclaimed “Amazing!” It just sounds so forced. Clearly, whoever was in charge of making this card just took the 5 most overused congratulations phrases and smashed them together and called it a day.