Hilarious Pictures Taken At The Perfect Moment That We Couldn’t Recreate If We Tried

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when a photo is snapped at just the right moment, it’s worth even more than that. A picture can capture a single moment in time, but not all moments are created equal. Sometimes backgrounds and foregrounds line up in just the right way so that a photo becomes more than the sum of its parts.

These quick photographers were able to hit their shutters at exactly the right time. It is thanks to them that these best moments are now immortalized forever. Keep reading to see a bird that became a funky hairstyle.

Yup, Her Hair Is On Fire

Photo Credit: MURPHtheSURF / Reddit
Photo Credit: MURPHtheSURF / Reddit

This lady was just trying to throw her friend a nice birthday celebration at work when her hair caught on fire and the whole event went up in flames. This photo was taken in the split second before anybody realized what had gone wrong.

Make sure you always tie your hair back before you stick your face near a cake full of fire! We hope these ladies learned their lesson. Next year, there won’t be candles on her cake.