Unseen Photos: History’s Greatest Forgotten Moments Captured On Camera

There are some moments in history that we only get to hear about from people who lived them or read about in textbooks. There are other moments that we have managed to capture on camera, so even if you weren’t alive fifty years ago, you can still catch a glimpse of the crazy things that went down all those years ago.

Did you know that Freddie Mercury performed on Darth Vader’s shoulders? Or does anyone remember having picnics on the highway thanks to ‘no car Sunday’? History is full of unexpected moments, but we do have the pictures to prove that those moments did indeed happen.

When Johnny Cash Performed At Folsom Prison


This is a photo of musician Johnny Cash performing his song, “Folsom Prison Blues” at Folsom Prison in 1968. His performance was recorded and then released as part of his 27th album.

Cash performed twice that day so they could choose the best of the two recordings to put on the album. After performing his song, Cash performed a song written by an actual Folsom inmate named Glan Sherley. The song was called “Greystone Chapel.” You can see Cash shaking Sherley’s hand in this picture.