These Photos Prove That Toddlers Are Just Tornadoes In Small Human Bodies

We all know about the terrible twos. Toddlers have a reputation for being difficult, moody, destructive, and unruly. These little humans just haven’t yet figured out how to function in the world or behave in social situations (or any situations, really).

If you’re patient with them and teach them proper behavior, they’ll grow into fine young women and men— but “patient” is the keyword in that sentence. It takes a lot of patience to raise a toddler. Here are some toddlers who are really testing their parents’ patience.

Who Thought It Was A Good Idea To Play With Sand Inside?

Ok, parents, this one is 100% your fault. A mini sandbox isn’t a horrible idea. It’s a great way to keep your toddler occupied for a few hours—but for the love of all things carpeted, please have your kid play with the sandbox outside.

These parents tried to protect their carpet by putting down a protective mat, but obviously, it wasn’t protective enough. Just leave all sand and sand related items outdoors where they belong.

Keep Your Bathroom Doors Closed

There are so many things for toddlers to get into and mess up in an average bathroom. Keep your bathroom doors closed unless you want toilet paper to end up absolutely everywhere.

This toddler TP-ed her entire bathroom, spilled bottles of hair products down the sink, and tried to flush her dolls down the toilet. It’s all in a day’s work for a two-year-old. Uhh…is that a penguin taking a bath in the sink?

There Was Absolutely No Need To Dump Out The Bag

Doritos come in a perfectly good bag. The bag contains all of the chips and all of that orange powder in one convenient location so you don’t have to pour the chips into another container, or just hold them all in your hands. This kid wasn’t satisfied with the bag the chips came in.

He wanted all his chips laid out in front of him so he could make the best decision about which chip to eat next.

We’re Cracking Up Over This One

Eggs and toddlers are not a great combination. Eggs are basically like little mess grenades, and toddlers are basically like little mess warriors. If you leave a carton of eggs unattended around a toddler, you might end up with a slimy, gooey mess just like this one.

If your toddler is strong enough to open the refrigerator, then you have a whole bunch of problems. Maybe put the eggs on the top shelf, out of reach of grabby little hands.

Toddlers And Markers Are A Bad Combination

If you have a toddler in your house, it’s probably a good idea to hide all of your pens, markers, and paints. Lock away those permanent markers because toddlers have a way of finding the most permanent ink in your home and smearing it all over anything you hold dear.

This kid was caught in the act. For some reason, he thought it was a good idea to draw all over his parents’ beautiful grey couch.

She’s A Makeup Guru In The Making

This girl is probably going to be a makeup guru when she grows up. I mean, look at that contouring, that lip line, that blending. The girl has got a real future in the cosmetics industry.

Before she can start making serious bank as a social media influencer, though, she’s probably going to have to wash all of that marker off of her face. At least she didn’t use a Sharpie. Thank goodness for washable markers.

This Isn’t What It Looks Like

So this looks like an actual crime scene, but this kid just somehow found an entire bag of powdered sugar, dumped it all over himself and his living room, and then proceeded to have the biggest sugar crash of his young life.

This disaster looks like it’s going to be a nightmare to clean up. Somebody just put this entire kid in a bath, and maybe just throw out that couch. It looks like it was on its last legs anyway.

He Looks Pleased With Himself

Colorful kids cereal kind of looks like something a kid would want to play with, so we can’t really blame this kid for dumping no-name brand Froot Loops all over the floor. If you have a toddler, things like this are to be expected.

At least there was no milk in this cereal because that would be a lot harder to clean up. Someone grab this kid before he stops all over that mess and tracks little rainbow crumbs everywhere.

A Chocolate Disaster Zone

At least this kid managed to get some of that chocolate in his mouth. Unfortunately, the rest of it ended up all over the kitchen floor. Was he trying to drink chocolate syrup right out of the bottle?

Chocolate syrup is way harder to clean than dry cereal. Sorry, mom and dad, this is going to take an entire roll of paper towel and at least half an hour of scrubbing. Good luck getting it out of those wooden cupboards…

Glitter Is Public Enemy #1

Glitter is like an incurable disease. You can never get rid of it. That’s why it’s never a good idea to give one toddler a box of glitter, let alone two. These two look like they make a good team. They’re really good at making messes together. Do you think they’re also good at cleaning up messes together? Most definitely not.

That couch is probably toast. It’s been nice knowing you, blue couch. You’ll live in our glitter-filled memories forever.

A Spaghetti-O Spa Day

This child wasn’t left unsupervised, but she still managed to get Spaghetti-O sauce all over her entire body. Whether you’re watching them or not, kids are going to make a mess. She has to learn how to eat by herself, and the only way to learn is to try, fail, and try again.

Now it’s time for her to learn that when you get more sauce on your body than in your mouth, you go directly into the bathtub.

They Know What They Did

These two boys have some very guilty looks on their faces. They know that they weren’t supposed to cover their faces and clothes in paint. That paint was supposed to go on a canvas. See parents, this is what you get for trying to introduce your kids to art and culture.

At least they won’t make this mistake again. Who are we kidding, they’re probably going to cover themselves in something even harder to wash off next weekend.

Just Throw Everything On The Ground, Why Don’t You?

This playroom is full of cubbies and containers. It seems like everything has its own place. Just, nothing is in its place right now. This little girl decided to take all of her dolls, stuffed animals, and toys and scatter them all over the floor.

So much for organization. Somebody get Marie Kondo in here quickly. On second thought, maybe leave her out of this. The sight of this room would probably give her a heart attack.

Just When You Thought You Were Safe…

These parents put away all of the markers. They closed all of the bathroom doors. They put a child lock of every cupboard, and they don’t even keep chocolate syrup in their home. Still, this little girl found a way to be destructive. We thought cushions were soft and safe, not realizing that cushions are full of cotton which can end up absolutely everywhere.

girl pulling out couch fluff and throwing it everywhere

We have no idea how this kid managed to rip through layers of fabric.

A Peanut Butter Facial

Peanut butter is a great source of protein, and it’s full of healthy vitamins, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t make a great face mask. Stick to egg whites and plain yogurt, kid. Peanut butter is better on toast than it is on your face.

What we can’t figure out is how he managed to get such an even coating of peanut butter on his head. Seriously, the application looks super smooth. At least he didn’t smother himself in jelly too.

Get Off The Counter, Kids!

These kids just wanted to eat some popcorn. It turns out, it takes a village to make popcorn. You need one kid to climb onto the counter to retrieve the kernels, you need one kid to pass the popcorn down to the younger ones, and you need a pair of twins to eat whatever falls on the ground.

This is why child locks for your cabinets are a must if you have kids under the age of 6.

That’s Enough Baby Powder

This little girl was just trying to help her Dora doll out. Sometimes Dora needs baby powder. Unfortunately, this kid doesn’t know her strength yet. She squeezed that baby powder bottle just a little too hard.

Now she has baby powder all over herself and her parents’ bed. Let this be a lesson to all you parents out there. Don’t let your kids play with the baby powder bottle. You don’t want to be cleaning up a mess like this.

He Thinks Toilet Paper Is Funny

Somehow, this toddler has managed to get that entire roll of toilet paper off the roll and onto the ground. This kid can barely walk, how did he manage to unspool an entire roll of toilet paper?

Do you think any of the toilet paper actually ended up in the toilet? The lid of the toilet is open. These parents might have a clog on their hands. This kid got caught in the act and he doesn’t even care.

He Spent Some Time In The Slammer

When a toddler is becoming unruly and hard to control, big sisters know just what to do. If you have a dog cage handy, just put the kid in jail for a little bit. If he’s in a dog cage, he can’t unroll toilet paper or spill baby powder all over the place.

Don’t actually do this at home though. This kid was only in the cage for a minute so his mom could take this adorable photo.

The Writing On The Wall

We have no idea how this kid got his hands on bright red paint, or how he was left alone with the paint long enough to do this to his parents’ walls. This kid may have a future as an interior decorator, but let’s put the emphasis on “future.” Right now, he shouldn’t be decorating anything.

Hopefully, this was washable paint and it wasn’t too hard to clean off the walls. Maybe they should just paint the whole wall red now…

Tea Time For Buster

This dog is way too tolerant. He let a little girl dress him up as a proper lady so that she could have a pretend tea party with him. The dog doesn’t seem to mind too much. Plus, that little umbrella is very cute.

Why have a tea party for one when you could have a tea party for two? Dogs make great tea party guests because they don’t hog all of the pretend tea.

The Biggest Mess In The Land

It probably took these toddlers two seconds to make this enormous mess, but it’s going to take their parents hours to clean it up. We’re not sure how these kids managed to destroy their kitchen so completely. Is that all Go-Gurt on the ground? Surely there are some egg yolks and milk mixed into that mess too.

These kids are in a whole lot of trouble, but before they can be sent to their rooms, they have to be sent to the bathtub.

A Chocolate Beard

This little girl loved her chocolate dessert so much that she decided that she might like to wear it too. If you look away from a toddler with a cupcake for one second, you’re going to end up with a child who has a full chocolate beard.

At least this beard smells and tastes good. Also, chocolate is much easier to clean off of skin than permanent marker. Basically, we’re just thankful that this isn’t much, much worse.

A Game Of Tug-Of-War

Kids and dogs are a match made in heaven. Kids love playing with dogs, and sometimes dogs will tolerate kids. This kid is getting down on his dogs level and playing a very canine game of tug-of-war.

Is this the most hygienic way to share a toy with a dog? Absolutely not. Is this kid having a good time? Probably. At least he’s having a bonding moment with his puppy friend. Now these two just need to learn how to share.

An Avant-Garde Artist

This is the face of a little girl who knows that she’s done something wrong. We’ve seen a lot of kids take markers and paint to their parents’ walls and furniture, but this kid seems like she’s going to be a real artist. At least, that’s what her parents tell themselves while they’re cleaning marker off of their walls.

What is it about kids that makes them want to color all over a wall and not a piece of paper?

This Cat Is A Race Track Now

This might be the most patient and docile cat in the world. Not many pets would put up with being turned into a race track for toy cars. This cat doesn’t have a care in the world. Are we sure that he isn’t sedated?

Well, the cat and the kid both seem to be enjoying themselves. We love seeing kids connect with their pets. Maybe those cars work like a back massage for this lovely kitty.

Double The Marker Trouble

Who do you think is the mastermind behind this marker disaster? I think we should all just take a moment to think about how many times kids have drawn on things they shouldn’t have with markers. I’m not saying don’t let your kids be creative, but how about a box of crayons? You can’t draw on your sister’s face with crayons.

It was definitely the older sister. This baby doesn’t look like she can uncap a marker by herself yet.

My Littlest Petshop On My Biggest Pet

Do you know what’s better than all of the Littlest Petshop toys in the world? One big real pet. This kid has the best of boh worlds. She has a whole bunch of animal figurines and one large dog on which she can store all of those figurines.

This dog is too patient for his own good. He probably just wanted to take a nap when out of nowhere, a kid started putting toys on his body.

Why Does She Need Shaving Cream?

This little girl does not need to shave her beard. She’s like four years old and she has zero facial hair. Why then is there so much shaving cream on and around her? Well, wouldn’t you like to know. We’d like to know also.

This girl has a giant smug smile on her face. She’s obviously pretty happy with what she’s done. Shaving cream is pretty fun to play with, so we get the appeal.

Way Too Much Bubble Bath

You only need a capful of bubble bath to get plenty of bubbles in your bath. These toddlers definitely didn’t read the instructions on the bottle. It looks like they poured the whole bottle of bubble bath into the tub.

At least this is a clean mess. Yeah, it’s hectic, but the bubble bath can only make the floor, the tub, and the kids cleaner, right? Hopefully a parent is watching them closely so they don’t get lost in all of those bubbles.

How’s His Heart, Doc?

This little girl might be a doctor when she grows up. Or maybe she wants to be a veterinarian. Either way, she’s getting some good practice in now while she’s young. Her giant dog makes an excellent practice patient.

That stethoscope looks pretty real. Maybe one of her parents is a doctor and they happen to have one lying around the house. We can’t get over the look of concern on that adorable dog’s face.

The Evidence Is Everywhere

This kid probably learned to walk pretty recently, but that didn’t stop her from stepping in paint and walking all over the house. Now her parents can tell exactly where she’s been. She must have had a long, hard day getting paint everywhere and making a mess because she looks pretty tuckered out now.

Sweet dreams, kid. Hopefully, when she wakes up, there won’t be paint absolutely everywhere. Time to get to cleaning, mom and dad!

Blame It On The Dog

One of the best things about owning a dog is that you can use him as a scapegoat. If this kid could talk, he’d definitely blame the dog for this giant mess. The dog may have helped, but all of the evidence points to the kid as the mastermind behind this whole endeavor.

Sorry kid, you’re literally sitting in a pile of powder. The dog looks like he just came over there to see what the commotion was all about.

That’s One Way To Clean Spilt Milk

This toddler was trying to carry a glass of cold milk back to the table when she stumbled and spilled milk all over the floor. She didn’t want all of that milk to go to waste, so she decided o call over some of her kitty friends, and together, they licked up the mess.

Probably not the best idea, but that floor looks like it was cleaned recently. It’s going to need to be cleaned again, though.

A Furry Canvas

A white dog is just a blank canvas to a kid with a marker. This kid is letting his creative mind run free. Why have a boring white dog when you can have a dog that’s all different colors and patterns?

At least the dog seems to be having a good time. She doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the ink on her fur. She’s probably just enjoying the attention. Do we need to remind you about kids and markers again?

That’s Not How You Bake A Cake

This little girl very much wanted to bake a cake all by herself. Unfortunately, she ran into a bit of trouble when it came to mixing the ingredients. See, you’re supposed to keep all of the ingredients in the bowl. This kid must have missed that part of the recipe.

One day she’ll bake a cake, but today she should probably just go take a bath while her dad takes care of the mess in the kitchen.

When Your Dad Spends Too Much Time Working

Do you think that this kid is trying to tell his father something? Maybe something like, “hey dad, stop working so much and come play with me!” When dad spent more time on the computer than with his son, the baby got jealous and decided to take his anger out on the keyboard.


Either that or this kid just likes destroying things. It’s probably the latter. Most kids just enjoy destroying anything within arms reach.

Turning Into The Hulk

This kid loves The Avengers so much that he decided to turn himself into The Hulk. He covered his entire left arm in green marker. The thing is, when kids get messy with markers, their parents get angry. You’re not going to like them when they’re angry.


Maybe whoever took this photo should take that marker away from the kid. Again, we should take all the markers away from all kids. They bring nothing but trouble.

Butterfingers? How About A Whole Butter Body?

For some reason, this little girl thought it would be a good idea to cover her whole body in butter. We’re not really sure why she thought this would be a good idea but we are sure that she doesn’t think it was a good idea anymore.


That look on her face says “instant regret.” It’s going to be pretty difficult to get this now very slippery kid into the bathtub. These parents have their work cut out for them.

That’s Not Microsoft Paint

We all loved playing with Microsoft Paint when we were younger, but this kid has her own way of painting on the computer. She’s not satisfied with colored pixels. She wants to actually paint on the computer.


We’re not sure why these parents put a toddler, a basket of paints, and an important technological device in the same room. In hindsight, it doesn’t seem like the wisest choice. Hopefully, all of that paint is washable.