These Photos Prove That Toddlers Are Just Tornadoes In Small Human Bodies

We all know about the terrible twos. Toddlers have a reputation for being difficult, moody, destructive, and unruly. These little humans just haven’t yet figured out how to function in the world or behave in social situations (or any situations, really).

If you’re patient with them and teach them proper behavior, they’ll grow into fine young women and men— but “patient” is the keyword in that sentence. It takes a lot of patience to raise a toddler. Here are some toddlers who are really testing their parents’ patience.

Who Thought It Was A Good Idea To Play With Sand Inside?

Ok, parents, this one is 100% your fault. A mini sandbox isn’t a horrible idea. It’s a great way to keep your toddler occupied for a few hours—but for the love of all things carpeted, please have your kid play with the sandbox outside.

These parents tried to protect their carpet by putting down a protective mat, but obviously, it wasn’t protective enough. Just leave all sand and sand related items outdoors where they belong.