These Photos Prove We Have No Idea About The Real Size Of Everyday Things

You know that tiny turtles are tiny and that giant snakes are giant, but just how giant is giant? And just how tiny is tiny? Without a person or something familiar to you for reference, photos of animals can be hard to interpret.

All of the photos on this list compare large and small animals to “normal” objects and people. Now you can really get a sense of the size of these magnificent creatures.

The Mountain

The Mountain and his lady
Belinda Hawthorne / Pinterest
Belinda Hawthorne / Pinterest

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, or The Mountain from Game of Thrones, is a professional strongman. Hitting an impressive 6-feet 9-inches and weighing an incredible 440 pounds, this beast of a human shrinks anyone who stands next to him. That includes his wife, Kelsey Henson and the random guy walking behind them in this photo (even if he is a few feet in the background).

Hopefully, Björnsson learned early on how to hug his other half without crushing her!