People Who Can’t Help But Be Overly Dramatic

Let’s be honest, we were all a little dramatic when we were younger. Our former selves cared way too much about trivial things. We can all remember a time when we overreacted in a situation where a cooler, sounder mind would have likely prevailed. That said, there are those people who took it to the next level. The ones who were overly dramatic all the time.

Chances are they never grew out of it and are still like that today. It’s that co-worker who comes down with a common cold and thinks they’re dying. The one who claims to be allergic or intolerant to everything under the sun. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, I have more than a few examples below.

All Eight Years

Omg! All eight years of your life, how could they? Well, while we’re at it we should probably just take care of this now. Santa and the Tooth Fairy don’t exist either. Sorry, you had to find out this way. All joking aside though, dramatic diary entries are where most overly dramatic people get their start.

The Only Way It Works

They say it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. They also say if you’re going to apologize, make it a good, otherwise what’s the point? if there’s one thing The OC, One Tree Hill or any other teen drama, for that matter, taught us, apologizing to your girlfriend in the rain, no matter what you did wrong, always works.

The Overly Dramatic Printer

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying this printer’s life is over, but the fact that it’s almost out of black ink is a bit of a problem. Most people above the age of 11 print pretty much exclusively in black and white, so we’ll need to perform the procedure immediately. Chance of survival is high.

Milk Bag Masochist

Lactose intolerance is no joke. Someone who has trouble digesting dairy might experience symptoms akin to food poisoning if they ingest too much of it. Depending on how serious her intolerance is, she might experience anything from cramping to vomiting and diarrhea, which doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon at all.

When Your Friend Is Dramatic But You Love Them, Anyway

You can’t consider yourself a good friend if you let a post like this one slip by without poking a little fun. None of the above comments are really that mean, however, they draw attention to how dramatic the initial post is. We all have a friend who can’t help but be dramatic and chances are nothing you do or say can change that. You might as well have some fun with it.

The Just In Caseket

For people who have very strong feelings about how they are to be buried following their death, I present to you the “Just In Caseket.” It’s a lightweight, portable coffin with a custom design for you to carry around everywhere you go because you never know when you’re going to keel over and die.

Don’t Say That

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It can’t be that bad. I mean, you have a job, right? Whether you are actually good at your job is another story. Still, it can’t be that bad. Then again, you manage to misspell “failure” so that maybe it’s worse than I thought.

Not True

This is why I don’t buy Apple products, they’re always so dramatic — like the people who own them. I’ll have you know there is at least one person who wants me and that person is my mother. In fact, we were on the phone just last night and she told me she loved me very much, so yeah. Take that, iPhone.

The Death Bed

I think if a doctor told me I only had 14 minutes left I’d probably think I was dying too. Whether I’d Snapchat the world to say my goodbyes is another story. I’m going to say probably not, seeing as how I don’t even have Snapchat. Then again, maybe finding out I was dying may convince me to finally download it.

Crying Over Spilled Lids

Starbucks is where all the drama happens. I’m serious! Think about it. All basic girls go to Starbucks for coffee. Frankly, most can’t survive without it. Basic girls tend to be overly dramatic. They speak in hyperbole, saying things like “if he does that, I am literally going to die.” No, honey, you aren’t “literally” going to die. I am “figuratively” going to kill you for saying that. The point is, a lot of that probably bleeds over to their employees.

Well Damn

I thought these fortune cookies were only supposed to say good things about your future? We all know they don’t really mean anything, but damn. The last thing I need after eating three plates at a Chinese buffet is to be reminded how bad I’m going to feel for the rest of the day.

A Most Grievous Situation

We all know someone who over-exaggerates their injuries. They fall and scrape their leg before crying bloody murder like they broke a bone or something. Obviously, pain tolerance is a big factor here. Some people have a higher pain threshold than others. But a little bump on the knee, regardless of who you are, is nothing to cry over.

What’s Everyone Freaking Out About?

All the people on their boat are scrambling to pull the man out of the water before the shark chomps him to bits, while the one sits there so detached from the situation. Perhaps he thinks the shark is harmless or maybe he just wants to see the guy die. Regardless, he’s looking at everyone else and probably thinking “why is everyone being so damn dramatic.”

Not A Fan, Apparently

Yeah, we get it. Mall Santa isn’t wearing the hat and he probably stinks of whiskey, but that’s still no reason to freak out, kid. Just sit there and pretend to be happy so we can take a picture and it’ll all be over before you know it. Did we mention the drunk old fat man in a red clown costume only gives you a gift at the end if you’re nice? Well, then…

When South California Gets Snow

The southern part of California hardly ever gets snow and when they do, chaos ensues. They aren’t equipped for the inclement weather – cars don’t have snow tires, people don’t own winter jackets, and every patch of snow needs to be cordoned off by pylons to keep people from slipping.

Not Really

Now that’s just blowing things way out of proportion. There are a lot of things that have to happen before we can safely say the theft of a beach Ringbuoy was the direct cause of someone’s death. Yes, stealing is veerryy baaaddd. Don’t steal. But that guy who didn’t know how to swim chose to get in the water. It’s his fault.

The Aspiring Musician

One Reddit user posted this dramatic picture of a kid from his high school chasing his music career. The only difference is he added his own caption “Seriously guys has anyone seen my shoes?” to the introspective cover art. Laugh if you want, but this might turn out to be the title of his next hit single.

That’s A Lot Of Face Paint

You know you have too much makeup on when the color of your face doesn’t match that of your neck. I wonder how long it probably took to do all that. It’s an awful lot of work for one picture.

Of Course

As you should. America is the self-proclaimed freeist country in the world. So whether you’re locked behind bars, working a dead-end job or managing a multi-million dollar hedge fund, if you pledge allegiance to the flag, you are allowed to feel as free as you damn well please. And that’s the truth.

If You Say So

You know technology is becoming too advanced when home appliances begin crying wolf. The other day my Roomba sent out a cry for help, claiming it was stuck on the edge of a cliff. Maybe it was meant as a metaphor, but when I finally got home to it, I found it on the edge of the stairs.