People Who Are Having The Worst Day Possible, So Stay Out Of The Way

If it weren’t for bad days, everything would be perfect.

We have at least one bad day every week. They’re pretty much like Monday’s and we have to do what’s best to get through it. Most people wait until something bad happens and then they’ll call it a day. That’s including someone walking around with something on their back without them even realizing it. Once they do, they’re in for a world full of hate. These people will try to look on the bright side, but stand clear if they don’t.

A Horrifying Moment

One Number Shy.jpg

You hear stories about people who got all but one number right all the time, but imagine being off by one number each time? At least the guy who just missed out gets some kind of cash in his pocket. All this guy gets is a night of regret and probably more than a few coins in the swear jar.

If You Get Pulled Over By The Cops

If You Get Pulled Over.jpg

That’s one way to get out of a ticket. You don’t want to have this box in the backseat of your car, especially when a cop pulls you over. That’s the moment when you cue the waterworks and break down. If the cop asks what’s wrong, tell them you’re having a bad day and got fired.

And His Rough Patch Begins Now

Well, At least The Car Will Be A New Color.jpg

Cheaters never prosper, and a vengeful ex can do some serious damage. I don’t know why they always go after the car, but the poor guy who has to drive a PT Cruiser.

There’s no need to make his life any more miserable. But the next one just ahead is worse than this.

Someone Left Their Mark

Leaving Thier Mark.jpg

Clearly, someone was standing in the rain when a car drove by and splashed them with the puddle on the road. For this individual, there was a lot more than water where they were standing. That would suck being the victim of the splash but on the bright side, they can go home and have a bath.

The Best Part Of The Donut Is In The Bag

Donut Frosting On Bag.jpg

Homer Simpson would be running around screaming if he saw this. Most coffee shops that put donuts in bags should know better than this. If they were on the receiving end of this, they wouldn’t like it themselves. Nobody is going to eat a plain donut after the topping melts off.

The Sky Isn’t Falling

Bird Poop On Car.jpg

Would you rather have something scratched onto your car or covered in bird poop? Honestly, this seems a little worse. You will have to take more than one trip to the car wash just to get the poop off.

Just ahead, someone breaks into a car but they reveal who they are based on a username.

Busted Up Oreos

Busted Up Oreos.jpg

At first, this packaging makes it look like this person actually got more Oreo’s than they bargained for. Unfortunately, it turns out that most of the cookies just crumbled in this person’s backpack. Now they can’t even be dipped in milk or pulled apart to lick the middle. What’s the point?

Trying To Print The Exam At The Last Minute

Last Minute Print Of The Exam.jpg

This is an instant dose of karma. Everyone’s heard the story of the person that was able to get ahold of the final exam answers, but this is where it takes a twist. Imagine trying to copy those out for you and your whole class, only for the printer to explode all over you?

Reddit User Break And Enter

Reddit User Breaks Into Car.jpg

No, it’s not a new superhero name, just some clown breaking into cars. Nonetheless, the culprit actually left behind their mark. Whoever did this, they left their Reddit username on the envelope.

Coming up, Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ has a new meaning all thanks to a pickup truck.

Transportation Struggles

You Snooze, You Loose.jpg

It’s happened to a lot of people. You’re not the only one who had to chase down a late train for work. It sucks for the lady who didn’t make the train, but her bag made the ultimate sacrifice. Hopefully, someone was kind enough to give it to lost and found.

First Day On The Job

Brick Layover.jpg

There are so many “first day on the job” stories that can easily be summarized with this picture. There’s so much to learn on day one, and plenty of employers are more than willing to just toss you in the deep end and wait for you to sink or swim. This guy sank right to the bottom.

Rolling In The Deep

Rolling In The Deep.jpg

They could have lost it all, but this shows off the new meaning behind Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ song. This person probably took too sharp of a turn so their truck rolled over faster than a dog rolling over for a treat.

The next one ahead isn’t so bad. Just someone getting caught in a drought.

Wait Until She Realizes What’s On Her Back

No One Has Told Her.jpg

Imagine walking around all day and no one telling you that you had some dirty laundry stuck to your back. The easiest way for everyone to save face in this situation is for the barista at Starbucks to simply write “check your back” on their cup.

Worse Than The Titanic

Worse Than The Titanic.jpg

Well, not really, but the differences are pretty subtle. At least nobody died in this moment, just a bunch of products floating in the water. This would make such a dramatic scene in a movie, kind of like Titanic, but no one named Jack or Rose will be able to save this boat from sinking.

Caught In A Drought

Caught In A Draught.jpg

This is what happens when your life is caught in a drought. At least with this car, there’s no real structural damage to it… at least from the looks of it.

Coming up, someone was stealing tires for no reason just to end someone’s day on a bad note.

Coming Right At You

Watch Out For This.jpg

Assuming this is part of a stunt for a movie, this Jaguar has some serious skill. As scary as this looks, that would be in this guys nightmares for the rest of his life. It’s worse than the running of the bulls in Spain. Having a Jaguar jump from behind you is not the way to have fun on your vacation.

Face Down

Face Down.jpg

Considering the number of times you’ve been to the skatepark this has likely happened. Kids go all out at the skatepark embracing their best Matt Hoffman or Tony Hawk impersonations. Except, they aren’t professionals like their heroes, just kids having fun who get hurt a lot.

Stealing Tires For No Reason

Stealing Tires.jpg

The bad day to end all bad days. Imagine buying your dream car then a bunch of hooligans takes the tires off of it. That’s the definition of a jerk right there. Maybe next time, this person should park their car in the garage. That way, their tires won’t be stolen.

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step.jpg

Especially in winter conditions, always watch your step. Running shoes won’t save you from slipping on ice since they aren’t designed for it. All you really need to do is bundle up, wear winter boots and you’re set. Just don’t have a coffee in your hand when surrounded by ice.

Worse Than Airplanes By Hayley Williams

Worse Than Airplanes By Hayley Williams.jpg

The song was annoying, and this crash is worse than the song by Hayley Williams altogether. Seeing something like this really makes you wonder how someone is that dumb. It might be their first time flying, but it’s safe to say that this could be their last time flying.