People Who Are Having The Worst Day Possible, So Stay Out Of The Way

If it weren’t for bad days, everything would be perfect.

We have at least one bad day every week. They’re pretty much like Monday’s and we have to do what’s best to get through it. Most people wait until something bad happens and then they’ll call it a day. That’s including someone walking around with something on their back without them even realizing it. Once they do, they’re in for a world full of hate. These people will try to look on the bright side, but stand clear if they don’t.

A Horrifying Moment

One Number Shy.jpg

You hear stories about people who got all but one number right all the time, but imagine being off by one number each time? At least the guy who just missed out gets some kind of cash in his pocket. All this guy gets is a night of regret and probably more than a few coins in the swear jar.