People Who Are Drowning In Deceit As Their House Of Lies Caves In

Lying is a part of everyday life. Studies have shown that 60% of people can’t have a ten-minute conversation without lying. This would mean that most of the conversations we have every day consist of telling some sort of lie.

Like anything in life, some people are just better at lying than others. Many got good practice as a kid when they would tell their parents they were at their friend’s house, but in reality, they were at the bowling alley on a date. Lies can go unnoticed quite frequently but those don’t carry the same entertainment value as when the person is caught. Thankfully, this list compiles hilarious examples of people getting caught in a lie and having to live with the consequences.

Mirrors Don’t Lie

This is what happens when you find out your ex has a new significant other and you need to clap back. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way to do it.

Well, it actually could be a decent fake out, but the least you could do is check your surroundings for a mirror. Wall Art 1 – This Person – 0.

Being On Vacation Is Just A Mentality

Vacations are expensive but worth it for the social media flex. There’s nothing that will make your high school friends more jealous of you than seeing you swimming with dolphins in the Dominican Republic.

But, imagine if you could flex your money and vacation on social media without having to spend a dime? It’s all about the angles baby. Take it from this guy.

Caught In The Act

What was always great about leaving your hometown and going to college is that you can basically be whoever you want to be. If you wanted to pretend you were a track star in high school, go ahead.

If you had a 4.0 GPA but just decided on visual arts at a community college “just because” then that’s amazing. But, social media gives direct access to your high school friends who can ruin your reputation in one comment.

Car Insurance Is Expensive

No one wants to have to pay for everything that comes with owning a car. Not only do you have car insurance payments, but you have gas and maintenance payments to work through as well.

But, everyone wants to be able to flex their Range Rover on Facebook to prove to all their high school friends that they became successful. This is the best and cheapest way to do so. You’re welcome.

Facebook Quizzes Tell All

These Facebook quizzes have become something that almost all your friends do when they’re bored of scrolling through their timelines.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize exactly how they work. Charley is one of those people who exposed herself quite embarrassingly. She boosted her IQ score by 40 points. This post tells us all we really need to know about her IQ.

That’s A Shady Post

There’s nothing about this post that is appealing. Luckily, sunglasses are so necessary that it probably won’t matter. Can we talk about how important those things are?

They allow you to stare at people without them knowing, they block out the sun and glare, AND they make you look badass. A triple threat.

Get Them On Maury

I’ll never understand cheating. According to an infidelity study, over 33% of couples in America have had at least one of the people in the relationship admit to cheating. If you want to cheat, just break up with the person?

I guess it’s easier said than done in some circumstances but once that trust barrier is broken it’s almost impossible to regain.

“Sorry I’m Late, I Hit Really Bad Traffic”

This is the excuse that’s used almost everytime you’re late for an appointment or meeting. Traffic just happened to be absolutely awful at 2 pm on a Sunday.

This dude forgot reflections exist and decided to post this “stuck in traffic” selfie, which promptly backfired. Looks like an open road to me, dude.

“It’s Not Rocket Science”

This is just basic science that is indisputable. Here’s the underlying problem of this picture though. Why does he feel the need to lie about the sun being in his eyes?

Well, I think it’s because guys always feel very awkward posing for pictures by themselves so they make up dumb excuses so that they don’t look like they’re trying too hard.

Super Bowl Of Chips On The Couch

The Super Bowl would be a lot of fun to be at, sure, but re-mortgaging your house just to go to the game isn’t. Super Bowl tickets can go for absurd amounts of money and it’s really not worth it.

Instead, sit on your couch and buy 30 bags of chips with some of the money you saved by not going to the game and just tell your friends you went to the game.

The Thirst Is Real

I don’t know why anyone would complain about being single. First of all, it’s way cheaper because you don’t have to buy things for two people. You can also do whatever you want with no restrictions, tie-downs or obligations to another person.

Lastly, you completely avoid the emotional rollercoaster that happens when you ask the burning question, “so where do you want to eat?”

Just Another Reason To Have Her Poster On Your Wall

For whatever reason Marilyn Monroe is a cultural icon and sex symbol. She went from being a mechanic to being one of the biggest stars ever and everyone is still unsure why.

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about Marilyn, but one thing we do know is that she definitely didn’t have a cell phone when she was alive.

You Have To Get Ds To Play Sports

When your coach asks you for a picture to make sure you’re doing your homework, this is what was sent. What’s amazing about this picture is that this guy had one of those camouflage pencils that completely disappears in your hand.

If this is a recruiting picture for players to come to that school, sign up immediately.

New Year, New Me

Why go to the gym and put in the countless hours just to get a little bit of definition in your stomach when you can get insane abs in three seconds in photoshop?

This is Tinder picture material. You might work hard in the gym, but you’ll never work hard enough to make your skin change colors like this kid. That I can assure you.

It’s All Optics

This is a life hack that is underutilized every day. You know how many people you could potentially scam doing this? Probably about two, ever. But that’s two purchases that you got away with. Buying a car? Pay in cash with all one dollar bills.

It’s imperative that you have the keys already so you can run and jump into the car before they notice, but try it (or don’t).

Again, Optics…

It’s important to look like you have your life together on social media, so if you have to fake it till you make it, then all the power to you. The internet has made life less about actually living, and more about how people perceive that you’re living.

If that means putting on some nail polish for the perception that you’re dolled up, go for it.

As Soon As You Hit Minimum, Your Friends Change

“Money and power corrupt the soul.”- Unknown. This statement is still very true for this fast food worker because notice how that quote doesn’t say how much money they’ve made?

This guy is still making 7.75 an hour, which is money, right? He also just got promoted to the front of the house which is a powerful position. Tunnel vision Adrian, tunnel vision.

Called The F Out

Participating in a triathlon would actually be one of the most physically taxing things you could do. But for Rich Froning, who is a CrossFit champion, apparently, it’s not enough.

For anyone who doesn’t know what CrossFit is, just picture the hardest workout you can possibly imagine and then times that by ten.

German Engineering?

Again, similar to the other page of someone flexing a car they don’t have. We get it. It’s impressive to be able to drive a car like this, but at least fake flex it with no holes.

Don’t hold your 2004 Volkswagon Jetta keys in your hand when taking this picture. It really could’ve survived the shot without having keys.


Seeing this is like watching a star implode. You know something really bad is about to happen, but the scale of damage is totally out of our scope of imagination.

person texting their significant other asking where they are and catching them in a lie when they're behind them in a club
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

I literally would’ve done anything to see her reaction to being caught like this.

15 Minutes Of Fame, Kind Of

Wouldn’t it be devastating to be getting your 15 minutes of fame, only to have your identity stolen because of mistrust?

Yes, it’s become an epidemic to go on TV and give a fake name like Buck Nakad, so it’s no surprise camera people have this fail-safe method of just giving everyone a generic name.

Good Boi Doing His Heckin Best

Fitting in can be tough. We’ve all put on a different face in order to fit in within a new group, but it’s important to always be yourself.

Photo Credit: tfleet23 / Reddit
Photo Credit: tfleet23 / Reddit

However, if you’re faced with a bunch of dinosaurs, you either play dead like you would with a bear or put on your dino hat. There is no in-between.

Warning- Does Not Open

Don’t let this ‘gently open here’ line fool you. This is, in fact, a box of lies.

Photo Credit: din7 / Reddit
Photo Credit: din7 / Reddit

There is literally no gentle way to open this. You tear into this cardboard like it’s Christmas morning and spill half of the noodles all over the kitchen. The only gentle thing is the sobs you make as your water boils.

Sure Neighbor, I Got You

It’s tough having neighbors, especially if you’re in a townhouse. There’s a literal wall joining your two homes together, which means you each have already taken sides in some of the biggest fights in your relationship.

Photo Credit: Whitlow14/ Reddit
Photo Credit: Whitlow14/ Reddit

Clearly, whoever was in charge of shoveling had enough of hearing their neighbor’s dog barking and made it known.

Sounds Like Something A Cop Would Say

In all honesty, why are these cars even available to be bought by the casual person? And what on earth would make a seemingly normal person buy this?

Photo Credit: xxshadowraidxx / Reddit
Photo Credit: xxshadowraidxx / Reddit

Is it the power? The milage? The ability to force everyone to drive the actual speed limit? I need answers.

Someone’s Job Was Definitely On The Line

Photo Credit: hellolegendory / Reddit

One of the biggest lessons you should learn at your first job is when to know that your job is on the line.

I’m guessing that whoever filled out this application knew that management was looking to replace them, so they made sure to get someone completely unqualified to ensure their job was safe.

How Much Are You Worth?

This is marketing 101. The key is to prey on people’s insecurities.

Photo Credit: Define_Defeat / Reddit
Photo Credit: Define_Defeat / Reddit

Even if we know we’re not a 10, most people would at least put themselves above a 5, which is a pretty sweet tip on a coffee, no matter where it’s brewed. If you only tip a dollar, you deserve your drink on the house.

No One Was Prepared For This Sequel

This is what it would look like if they ever released a sequel to Titanic.

Photo Credit: TaipanTacos / Reddit
Photo Credit: TaipanTacos / Reddit

Basically, this goes to show that you shouldn’t get too attached to any of your purchases, as they can always go up in smoke, or sink to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily, if you can afford a second boat, you’re probably doing alright.

Who Knew?

In today’s eco-friendly world, it’s amazing we still even bother with receipts, nevermind rattle off a small tree’s worth of paper when buying a chocolate bar.

Photo Credit: Theologyaviation / Reddit
Photo Credit: Theologyaviation / Reddit

However, someone went out and did the math to find out exactly how far away we are from the sun. This is breaking news people!

Why Do We Listen To Groundhogs Anyway?

If you live anywhere remotely north, you know that winter never commits to ending.

Photo Credit: toxxiclady / Reddit
Photo Credit: toxxiclady / Reddit

It’s like that first, bad high school relationship where you keep going back to each other even though you have literally nothing in common and are going to different school’s and have actually only met on MSN Messenger. Loves crazy.

I Feel This Could Have Been Said Better

Remember what we said about marketing 101? Ya, this is the complete opposite of that.

Photo Credit: milesblakey / Reddit
Photo Credit: milesblakey / Reddit

I feel like that had a really excellent point to make about photography, but it got lost in translation when they got really, eerily excited about the clever world play. However, it is eye-catching, so something’s working.

Cooking 101

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who cook but don’t want to clean, and those who don’t want to do either.

Photo Credit: CarbonHandprint/ Reddit
Photo Credit: CarbonHandprint/ Reddit

In order to avoid any and all cleaning, it’s best to just find a place to live that’s near a pizza place. You save a ton on delivery and it comes with its own mini tables, so there’s no need to invest in furniture.

Cats Can’t Be Trusted

Even cat lovers know that the meow of a cat is a meow of deceit.

Photo Credit: maxywaxy13 / Reddit
Photo Credit: maxywaxy13 / Reddit

Cats simply cannot be trusted. While dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves, cats are constantly plotting ways to reclaim their thrones at the top of the food chain. We should just give in now while we still can.

Just Woke Up Like This

You have to respect some people for how willing they are to just lie despite how obvious it is they are.

girl with eyeliner on posting on facebook that she's not wearing makeup
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

I’m just concerned that she doesn’t consider eyeliner makeup. Like…what else would you call something you smear on your waterline?

Well… Not ANY Direction

It’s people like this that have forced us to literally spell out the directions to boiling water.

Photo Credit: Casual0bserver / Reddit
Photo Credit: Casual0bserver / Reddit

Some people just can’t, for the life of them, figure things out. These people are out to make our lives difficult and simply must be stopped. If you can’t figure this one out, I really don’t know how you got your hand on a dollar to begin with.

Classic Case Of “Accidental” Posting

Listen, of you look good in a selfie and you want to share that, just own it. We all know social media is for fluffing our own egos so just work it.

girl pretending she accidentally posted a selfie
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

It would be really impressive if she accidentally posted this though.

‘You Look Better Without The Beard’

While some people do indeed look better without the beard, it’s also the easiest way to go from 35 to 12 in about 5 minutes.

Photo Credit: s_den / Reddit
Photo Credit: s_den / Reddit

Beards might only be a fad, but it’s pretty obvious that they’ll stick around longer than crocs or Ed Hardy tees.

If You Dream, Dream Big

We all had big dreams as a child, but not every dream becomes a reality. We can’t all be astronauts or heart surgeons, and not every bus can become a train.

Photo Credit: UpstartDuke / Reddit
Photo Credit: UpstartDuke / Reddit

Think about it. We need buses to get through the city in a timely fashion. While this bus might have higher aspirations, just know that you’re loved and appreciated.

Where’s The Water?

If action movies have taught me anything (which they haven’t) this fire hydrant should be shooting gallons of water straight up in the air by now.

Photo Credit: warhols_ / Reddit
Photo Credit: warhols_ / Reddit

I guess fortunately that water isn’t going to waste, but what else is corporate Hollywood keeping from us? We need answers!

Who Said It Was Tough Work?

Have you ever traveled to an ancient city and seen the painstaking labor that was put into their roads and buildings? When something was built in the year 77, you know that it took thousands of hours of labor to complete.

Photo Credit: thesurfingwalrus / Reddit
Photo Credit: thesurfingwalrus / Reddit

Now, we can just get a machine to lay down a beautiful walkway and call it art.

I Just Expected More

So, this box technically didn’t lie, but if anyone picked this out of the freezer and was really excited to get exactly three pepperonis, I’d be surprised.

Photo Credit: Velock0009 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Velock0009 / Reddit

I wonder if the workers at this pizza factory are instructed to use exactly three roni’s per pizza or this was just a happy little accident?

Something’s Not Adding Up

I’m no mathematician (they rarely get into the world of writing) but I’ve been taught that nothing can be more than 100%.

Photo Credit: ChristianPoPo/ Reddit
Photo Credit: ChristianPoPo/ Reddit

Something seems to be seriously off about this tag, and now I have no idea how to wash it. I guess it’s going into my ‘wear it once and never again’ pile.

A True American Hero

I get it. We’ve all cheated on a test once or twice in our lives.

Photo Credit: ReverendBurn / Reddit
Photo Credit: ReverendBurn / Reddit

However, this is a classic example of a student cramming all the knowledge they possibly have moments before the test starts and simply writing down the first thing they can. I salute this student.