These Parents Prayed For A Baby Girl, But Got Something Completely Unexpected

Angie and Gino always dreamed of becoming parents. They were overwhelmed with joy when Angie got pregnant for the first time, and then gave birth to a baby boy nine months later. A couple of years later, Angie got pregnant again with her second son. Angie and Gino were over the moon about their growing family, but they still felt like something was missing. They loved their sons, but they really wanted to have a baby girl.

A few years later, their dreams came true, but not in the way you might expect. Keep reading to see what news completely shocked Angie and Gino.

Angie And Gino Were Made To Be Parents


Angie and Gino started talking about what they would name their kids pretty early into their relationship. Before the even got married, they knew they wanted to have at least one boy and one girl. Gino proposed to Angie, and Angie enthusiastically accepted. These two had a beautiful wedding and started planning for a family.

Not too long after they got married, Angie got pregnant with their first child, a healthy baby boy. A little less than two years later, Angie got pregnant again with another beautiful boy.