These Parents Know What Halloween Is Really About: Having An Excuse To Put Your Kids In Amazing Costumes

The people on this list have waited their whole lives to become parents just so they could dress their kids up for Halloween. Seriously, these costumes must have been planned while these babies were still in the womb. Nine months is a long time to come up with a stellar Halloween costume, and these parents didn’t waste any of that time.

Keep reading to see some of the most creative and clever Halloween costume ideas for kids. Maybe you’ll even get some ideas for your own little trick-or-treaters.

A Very Cheesy Costume


Who doesn’t love crispy dough topped with gooey cheese and delictable toppings? This kid is a slice off the old… pie. That kid looks pretty comfy in his pizza slice costume, but Mom doesn’t look like she’s going to have much fun carrying around that giant pizza all night. Maybe she’ll ditch the costume for trick-or-treating but throw it on for the photo ops.

Do you think she made this pizza costume herself? If so, nice job, Mom!