These Vintage Photographs Have Captivating Backstories

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve all heard that line before, but the pictures shown in this series provide us details about history and the lives of everyday people that are truly mind-blowing. The pictures themselves are truly stellar — but the stories behind them are even more amazing.

It’s always fun to go back into photo albums and remember the way things were. Perhaps these photographs will inspire you to do so today — and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a picture within them that has its own thrilling backstory!

The Rolls Royce

This photograph isn’t so much a vintage one as much as the subject matter is. The man in the photograph is showcasing to us his 1928 Rolls Royce. Even back then, the car looked like something I couldn’t ever hope to afford!

Interestingly enough, the vehicle in this picture isn’t the only “vintage” part of it. The many who is set in the center is 102 years old. What’s more, this is his primary vehicle of choice: he’s been driving the Rolls Royce for 80 years. It’s nice to know that cars like that used to hold up for several decades!