Ni’ihau Is Hawaii’s ‘Forbidden Island’

When most people think of Hawaii they think of the beautiful sandy beaches, laidback lifestyle, and memorable sunsets. Most tourists will visit the typical Hawaii hotspots like Honolulu and Maui, and have no idea that there is an entire island that is a secret to the outside world.

Located just 17 miles away from the west coast of Kauai is the forbidden island of Ni’ihau. Also knows as ‘The Forbidden Isle,’ learn about why Ni’ihau has been kept a secret for so long and the mystery surrounding the island.

Ni’ihau Is An Island Stuck In Time

Stuck In Time

The island of Ni’ihau might have the same beautiful, sandy shores as Hawaii but you will never get to touch them. The island has had little to no contact with the outside world and today, it looks as though it is stuck in time. The islanders there live the same as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago, hunting and fishing to survive.

The only reason it has become preserved is thanks to a woman named Elizabeth McHutchenson and a strange deal made in the 1800s.