These NFL Players Are The Definition Of Toughness

You have to be tough as nails to play in the NFL. Every second a player is on the field, they risk taking a brutal hit. The passion the best players have is so great it makes the pain worth it. How else would a player like Brett Favre start 297 consecutive games?

The players we watch on the field every Sunday leave us in awe. Whether is from their ability to get up after a big hit, or be the one delivering the blow. These are the toughest players in NFL history. Did your favorite make the list?

Frank Gore Doesn’t Know The Meaning Of The Word Quit

Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images
Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Before playing a down in the NFL, Frank Gore’s viability in the league was questioned. He had multiple knee injuries and was labeled a huge draft risk. The 49ers took a chance on him and were rewarded with one of the toughest running backs of all-time.

Still playing in his late 30s, Gore has amassed more than 15,000 yards over his career and is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame if he ever retires.